“200 Amsterdam” Upper West Queen, Crown Crowned

Last time we talked about Madison House, the most popular project in Manhattan in 2020. Interested friends can click on the previous recommendations above to view.

This time we’re going to talk about the new Queen 200 Amsterdam in the Upper West Side, and after 3 years of bloody tug-of-war, the developer has finally won the long legal battle. The Queen of the Upper West was finally crowned and returned to the throne.

News Express:

This time, let’s talk about the news of Queen 200 Amsterdam in the Upper West Side in 2021. As we all know the Upper West Side is synonymous with Old Money and Classic, the epoch-making design of 200 Amsterdam in 2016 was under construction by an unreasonable protest led by the Environmentally Sound Development Commission (demanding the demolition of the 20-story building to reduce its size), September 10 this year, New York The Supreme Court’s appeals court rejected the protesters’ decision to appeal leave, unequivocally stating the legality of the building’s building permit. The crown was crowned, and 200 Amsterdam finally sat on the throne, becoming the only Queen of the Upper West Side.

200 Amsterdam is invested and built by SJP Real Estate Company and Mitsui Fudosan American Company. It is one of the six major consortiums of Mitsui Company in Japan. Such large consortiums often have strong financial resources, and the buildings developed are often very elegant in materials and designs. 200 Amsterdam has also been a dark horse in the buying and selling market this year.

Next, let’s take a look at this high-rise building on the west side:

Geographical conditions:

200 Amsterdam is located in Lincoln Square in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, with Central Park in the east, Hudson River and Riverside Park in the west. The Upper West Side itself has been an art for a while, with residents changing here over the centuries, and many of the buildings here retaining their original stance. The brownstone townhouses are located here. When we look at these buildings, they are ancient and strong, with straight spines jumping in the air, exuding an unrepeatable and untouchable atmosphere, which is the 19th century blooming in the United States. The splendor and pride of the ground plane.

The Upper West Side is recognized as one of Manhattan’s cultural and intellectual centers: several colleges and universities, museums, Broadway and the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts are all surrounded by it. Living here can accept the influence of culture and art at any time, escape to Central Park after dinner to enjoy summer Philharmonic concerts and Shakespeare plays, and walk to the Metropolitan Opera in winter to enjoy world-renowned opera and dance.

200 Amsterdam is easily accessible, with a 2-block drive directly onto the Joe DiMaggio Expressway around Manhattan. In addition, there are 1/2/3/A/B/C/D subway lines that go directly to all corners of Manhattan.

The Upper West Side isn’t just food for the soul, it’s full of delicious food. Award-winning restaurants such as Marea, Masa, Bar Boulud and Jean-Georges are just outside 200 Amsterdam.

UpperWest Side:

02 Top Team:

200 Amsterdam is invested and constructed by SJP Real Estate Company and Mitsui Fudosan America Corporation. Elkus Manfredi and Cetra Ruddy are the architect and interior designer respectively. In addition to commercial and residential development, SJP Real Estate also has many government sector construction projects, which are endorsed by the government. One of the six major consortiums of Mitsui Corporation in Japan, such large consortiums often have strong financial resources, and the buildings they develop are often very sophisticated in materials and designs. Both designer firms are experienced in doing major designs for large-scale projects, and 200 Amsterdam is not to be underestimated in such a lineup of buildings.

Elkus Manfredi Architects is a full-service design firm providing architectural design, master planning, urban design, interior architecture, historic preservation, space planning, programming and experiential graphic design.

The planning and design work of Elkus Manfredi Architects is based on the belief that environmental quality regularly and significantly affects our quality of life. Elkus Manfredi is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and a signatory to the AIA’s 2030 Pledge to achieve the goal of carbon neutral buildings by 2030.

Founded in 1987, Cetra Ruddy is an award-winning global architecture, planning and interior design firm driven by design excellence and the creation of one-of-a-kind experiences. The core belief that “building is home” leads it to always look for the story behind each building, historical context and new opportunities to develop innovative solutions and lead clients on a journey of building new assets.

03  Architectural Design:

Building exterior

200 Amsterdam is inspired by the grand landmarks on the west side of Central Park and is a modern interpretation of New York’s pre-war classics. The residence reimagines timeless elements of a modern lifestyle and envisions New Yorkers of all ages with a variety of amenities.

200 Amsterdam’s Art Deco façade design combines granite and limestone, ornate decorative panels and striking oversized windows separated vertically and horizontally. Architectural finishes of different materials on the top floor form a crown design, like a queen’s crown. And the queen doesn’t need words. She has never given up after 3 years of hard work. In the future, she only needs to wear this gorgeous crown and quietly watch people come and go, and the stars rotate.

CetraRuddy reimagined timeless elements for contemporary living. Entrance galleries, classic living layouts and window corner rooms create a sense of tranquility from the moment you step into the room. Inspired by the layout of pre-war buildings, elevated ceilings are featured, allowing the interior layout to provide the perfect proportions of the house, with unmistakable triple views of the Hudson River, Manhattan and Central Park.

03 Building Facilities:

Cetra Ruddy is responsible for the interior design of 112 residential units in 200 Amsterdam, including 8 large flats and 2 penthouses. Taking into account the needs of every age group, it has designed a three-story super-large public facility, so that residents living in New York can take a breather from the busy city and concentrate on their hobbies.


The spacious 75-foot seawater swimming pool is made of mosaic tiles, and the Swiss-style temperature-controlled shower provides the most intimate care. The spa also offers a steam and infrared sauna area. Two experiential showers are covered with Sicis glass mosaic tiles, allowing residents to relax completely in the sound of water, steam and light. Even your pets can experience the joy of the spa, 200 Amsterdam also has a pet spa service with the Evolution Touchpad Dog Wash.


The state-of-the-art fitness center, The Wright Fit, is custom-built for 200 Amsterdam’s gyms, with state-of-the-art cardio equipment and weights. There are also yoga and Pilates studios, with exclusive services not only for men, but also for women.

Event Room

Club rooms have all the qualities of a home away from home. Rich leather details, wood-veneer ceilings, thoughtful seating and an accompanying patio are all reminiscent of New York’s sophisticated private clubs. Customized billiards make your party difficult to get boring, and there are even private dining rooms available.


Inspired by the best private membership clubs in the world, 200 Amsterdam offers a stay-at-home map embassy for all ages. The so-called “live until old age learns old age”, from childhood to adulthood to old age, cannot stop the thirst for knowledge. 200 Amsterdam takes note of this legacy of wisdom and wishes to pass it on.

Kids Room

200 Amsterdam unique is its unique playroom for children, fully immersed in art from an early age. There is even a soundproof music rehearsal room, which provides a one-stop training for children’s interests.

More club services and facilities

200 Amsterdam’s services and facilities are not only here, but also a series of supporting facilities such as outdoor terraces, beauty and skin care spas, private meeting rooms, bars and storage rooms. One year membership to the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts is included with the purchase of an apartment.

  A 24-hour doorman and resident manager is your personal butler, a personalised concierge service managed by a professional team, including:

· Vacation deals for movies, musicals, plays, etc.

· Travel reservations.

· Housekeeping services.

· Personal shopping, personal Styling services storage.

· Furniture cleaning and repair.

· Artwork transportation, installation, storage.


Make every home impressive, with a sensible separation of entertaining and sleeping spaces. The living room provides multiple lighting from the corner, allowing people to enjoy a unique view bathed in natural light.

The kitchen at 200 Amsterdam features top quality Italian Calacatta marble island, nickel hardware with satin finish, white oak custom cabinetry, appliances from Sub Zero, Wolf and Miele. The long and straight private space makes the line of sight focus, and the chef at home also has a lot to play.

After careful consideration, the master bathroom at 200 Amsterdam is clad in marble, and its pure beauty is reflected in this timeless design. Corrugated marble slabs, intricately patterned marble floors and polished nickel hardware complete the tone. The staggered view of the lights separates the bathroom naturally in function. The enhanced lighting in front of the makeup scene makes the makeup look more natural when going out, and the diffused lighting makes the space more delicate.

200 Amsterdam All units use hand-cut white oak floors imported from the south of France, refer to the design of pre-war buildings, and are arranged in a V-shaped herringbone pattern. Compared with ordinary floor coverings, fishbone splicing requires very high ground flatness; compared with the previous herringbone splicing, uniformly cut joints require higher labor requirements and wood board requirements. And because of these details, everyone who steps on the ground can enjoy the warmest texture. And this seemingly simple setup turned out to be a work of art.

High-end luxury is often not built at a high price, but forged from countless details.

1B1.5B View at 200 Amsterdam

06  Recommended:

Type 3B

Price: $2,625,000 | Size: 1331 sqft

200 Amsterdam 2B2B – 20A Type

Price: $4,550,000 | Size: 1769 sqft

200 Amsterdam 4B4B – PH2 Type

Price: $38,000,000 | Size: 6985


Summary is delighted that a detail-laden, art-first building like 200 Amsterdam has won a 3-year legal tug of war without cutting down its iconic penthouse and crown structure.

Manhattan has never lacked luxury buildings, and what people need more behind the luxury buildings are the ubiquitous details in the home and the cultural heritage that can be provided to future generations. The story of Mother Meng’s three relocations has penetrated deeply into the hearts of every Chinese. Chinese parents never skimp on money, time and energy for their children’s future. Living in the Upper West Side is also a guarantee for their children’s future.

200 Amsterdam Upper West Queen, crowned with a crown.

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