2021 Talk with New York star real estate agent Mario – insist on “people-oriented”

Mario is the top real estate agent in New York, and is now Acre NY’s youngest sales executive and the company’s sales performance keeper. His performance alone often exceeds the sales performance of a team of other brokers and is different from other top sales in New York. Mario not only has strong sales ability, but also his ability to analyze and predict market trends is definitely expert level. With a background in data analysis, he has professional analysis and judgment on the real estate market in New York. The luxury houses he has handled have all experienced substantial appreciation.

Mario in life is humorous and loves to make friends. He always “hears his voice before he sees him”. Before meeting him, his hearty laughter could be heard ten miles away. Aside from being a real estate agent, Mario is a Youtuber who loves hip-hop music and basketball in private. In addition, Mario is actually a very kind and sympathetic person. He will often donate his clothes to the welfare society and call on everyone to donate clothes to those in need.

Don’t look at Mario’s humor and closeness to the people is always everyone’s “pistachio”, but in fact he definitely has lofty ambitions. He aspires to be the best real estate agent in New York and even the United States. Through the interview below, you can feel Mario’s professionalism and integrity. Compared with other excellent real estate agents, Mario has more “empathy” and “people-oriented” concepts. With this “empathy”, Mario can. And “people-oriented” allows Mario to patiently help customers analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the building without blindly advocating the building, and give guests the most suitable advice. Let’s hear what Mario has to say.

#Q   How did you get into the real estate industry?

I was brought into this industry by a friend during the summer vacation. I originally had the mentality of making some extra money. I didn’t expect to do better and better. I found that I am really suitable for the real estate industry. I like to see customers with a satisfied expression on the new house or the owner’s smile at a good price

? This has to start in 2017. When I first came to New York, I didn’t understand anything, so I looked for it like most people. I hired an intermediary to help me rent a house. With the mentality of not being cheated, I signed the contract directly after watching the film. After I moved in, I found that it was much different from what I imagined. The studio with a rent of 2,800 dollars per month did not even have air conditioning. When I became an agent, I decided to make all clients experience the best and most professional service, so that other clients could avoid my bad experience when renting. Doing what you don’t want to do to others is one of my core ideas in this industry. What I can’t accept will definitely not allow customers to bear or experience it.

#Q  Favorite part of the real estate industry for?

It is probably the communication and trust I am more outgoing and lively and like to meet people. Addition, I have a background in data analysis. In addition to understanding the quality of the house itself, giving the advantages and disadvantages of each object will also add my professional insights on market trends or prospects. In addition, I attach great importance to the communication and trust between people. I always believe that two people meet is a fate. As long as the guests are willing to believe in me, I will definitely return 200% of their professionalism and trust. The eager smile I like to watch clients get the keys to their desired house.

#Q  As an agent, what is your understanding of social media?

The most important first step in becoming a real estate agent is to expose yourself and let everyone know that you are a real estate agent, otherwise no one will come to you at all.

In today’s society, no one can help you, only you can help you expose yourself, and social media has become a very important tool. Like WeChat/Xiaohongshu/Instagram/Facebook/YouTube are several low-cost and effective social media.

Of course, with social media, content is even more important, everyone’s time is precious, and no one wants to spend a few seconds or even minutes watching a worthless or boring video. My personal feature is a creative young professional with a touch of wit, and my social media will definitely shatter your stereotype of traditional real estate in general. If you are interested, you can follow me on the social media below.

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#Q  What do you think is the most important thing to be a real estate agent?

Accurately find out the needs and goals of the guests and perfect after-sales service. We should recommend the items that the guests want or need instead of the items that we want the guests to buy. It is the guests who buy the house, not us. Everyone’s needs and goals are different. Likewise, a real estate agent is a good real estate agent only by putting himself in the shoes of his clients and helping them find the right listing for them.

When you find that a real estate agent recommends the same building no matter how you tell him or change your needs, be careful. Many times they will madly recommend the same building just because it can make more money and Not for the sake of the guests.

#Q  What are your challenges?

The biggest challenge is probably that the customer’s understanding of the market is not clear enough. For example, the housing market in this area may be almost 2 million, but if you want to win 1.5 million, it is equivalent to a 25% discount. We simply change it. From an angle, if you were a seller, would you be willing to sell your house at a 25% discount? Therefore, as a professional real estate agent, I will also carefully explain the approximate price of this area and give data as an explanation to make recommendations for customers. Usually, after explaining, customers can understand the market more clearly and help them to do better decisions.

#Q   What is your prediction for the future trend of house prices in New York?

New York is the capital of the world. The supply and. As long as you choose the right item (value rather than price), you basically don’t have to worry about not being able to sell it. The real estate market will actually have a cycle just like the market economy. , If you plan to hold it for a long time, here it refers to more than 10 years. The sooner you can buy it, the better, because in the long run, the house price will only get higher and higher, not lower and lower. Do you think that after 10 years? Will house prices be cheaper than they are now? Just like the stock market, the entire U.S. stock market may fluctuate greatly in the short term, but when you look at it in the long run, it is rising steadily, so we can ignore the short-term fluctuations. Of course, if you want to use the house to speculate. Short-term is another matter.

During the epidemic last year, New York City’s housing prices plummeted. No one expected that the recovery of New York’s housing market would be so strong, and it rebounded to the pre-epidemic peak or even higher in less than a year. It is still world-class, and even if it is temporarily affected, it can rebound immediately.

Many guests often feel that the house may not be worth the money at all. It’s true that some houses do not match our perceived value, but we must always remember that if we don’t like it, it doesn’t mean others don’t like it. What I like most about New York is that there are all kinds of people from all over the world. Every house will be bought, and the most important thing in New York City is the rich.

Here I can also mention my precise vision for room selection during the epidemic. I had a client who originally wanted to buy a set of 2b2b in LIC during the epidemic. After careful analysis, I asked him to increase the budget to 3b2.5b. It was about 3b2.5b that I won around 1.6 million. Everyone thought I was crazy. How could I buy such an expensive house in LIC when everyone moved to the suburbs. Facts have proved that my original suggestion was right, because now LIC’s 3b2.5b has been at least 2.3 million, and the price of this 3b2.5b has risen by 700,000 in less than a year, which is equivalent to a 44% appreciation. If you bought 2b2b at the beginning, there is only about less than 200,000 appreciation now.

The above is all the content of the interview with top real estate agent Mario. I believe you will be impressed by his professionalism, unique vision, and “people-oriented” concept. He is definitely the most reliable real estate agent.

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