2022’s Most Complete NYU Rental guide | Where Should NYU Students Live?

In the last issue, the editor introduced the NYU freshman strategy. In this issue, the editor will talk to you about the NYU rental strategy! The article contains a detailed introduction to the rental buildings of NYU’s different campuses. It is very complete. Hurry up and collect it.

NYU Campus Introduction

NYU’s teaching buildings are scattered all over the place. Except for the Tandon campus in Brooklyn, there are three main classes on Manhattan Island.

The main campus is Washington Square, located on 8th Street in Midtown, Greenwich Village. Opposite the teaching building is the cozy park, and the super-beautiful library for New York University students is also in the next building. , is really invincible and convenient .

The second campus is the SPS College Midtown campus (midtown), at 42nd Street in Bryant Park. Next door to the school building are various shops and the New York Public Library. After class, stroll around the park and walk a few minutes to Times Square.

The third campus is the Tandon Institute of Technology campus in Brooklyn.

Students with campus in the Isle of Man only need to remember the above three class locations, and when looking for a house next, no matter where they want to live, they will have a good idea of ​​where they want to live

NYU Student Housing Options

1. School dormitory

NYU offers 22 residential buildings and 2 graduate residential communities for undergraduate and graduate students.

The application process is generally to complete the housing application form first, and then submit a reservation fee of $1,000 before the enrollment deadline . It should be noted that only the dormitory for undergraduate freshmen can be guaranteed. Others, such as NYU exchange students and graduate students applying for dormitory, do not necessarily guarantee accommodation options.

2. Off-campus housing

The teaching buildings of New York University are relatively scattered, and the traffic around each campus is very developed, and there are many school buses, so there are many choices for NYU students to live in, such as the Isle of Man, LIC, BK, etc., it can be said that NYU students are all over the place the whole of New York . Next, we will introduce the areas and rental options of NYU’s different campuses.

NYU Washington Square Main Campus

Area introduction

The Washington Square campus is the main campus of New York University, and the entire building complex surrounds Washington Square . Washington Square and nearby Greenwich Village have been the cultural center of New York since the 19th century, and many famous writers and poets, such as Edgar Allan Poe and Mark Twain, have lived here , and created many handed down works to describe the customs and life here. And then outward expansion is the lower Manhattan area of ​​Manhattan, New York City Hall and the world-famous Wall Street are in this area.

The main campus of NYU is adjacent to Greenwich village on the left, East village on the right , SOHO, a bustling shopping area, and Washington Square with a beautiful environment in the middle. The surrounding subway lines are N, Q, R, W, 4, 5, 6, A, C, E, B, D, F, M lines, the geographical location is unique .

There are many options for renting on the NYU Washington Square campus, including Manhattan, Long Island City, Jersey City, etc. Let’s take a look at the rental buildings that are suitable for NYU students to live in.

East Village


Address: 433 E 13th St, New York, NY 10009

Apartment information: The apartment was built in 2018, with 8 floors and 113 units

Apartment Location: East 13th Street in Lower Manhattan, multiple bus and subway lines within a 10-minute walk, the 4 5 6 LNQRW train for Union Square is a few blocks away , bus stops and shared bikes are just around the corner from the apartment street , travel convenience.

Inside the apartment: All units are equipped with indoor washing machine dryer/open kitchen/locker/refrigerator/microwave/dishwasher/air conditioner and other appliances.

Apartment facilities: 24-hour doorman, the apartment has a gym, courtyard, open-air garden, video room, pool table, private restaurant


Address: 510 E 14th St, New York, NY 10009

Apartment information: The apartment was built in 2018, 7 floors, a total of 110 units

Interior Amenities: EVGB Apartments are beautifully designed with oversized windows adding to the layout, maximizing interior lighting and air circulation, and the bedrooms are comfortable and inviting, most with wardrobes . The kitchen features light or dark wood paneled cabinets with quartz countertops. There’s also a premium Miele appliance for your cooking pleasure. A washer dryer is also provided.

Apartment facilities: outdoor picnic area, barbecue table, bar table, providing a place for family and friends to gather. There are also gyms, swimming pools, children’s play rooms, etc., which make life outside of study more colorful

midtown manhattan


Address: 555 10th Ave. New York. NY. 10018

Apartment information: The building was built in 2016 with a total of 56 floors. It is famous for its lobby with Chinese decoration style .

Transportation facilities: It takes 12 minutes to walk to the world-famous Time Square , the subway ACE and Line 7 are nearby, and you can walk a little further to Times Square N/Q/R/S/1/2/3/7/ W Various subway lines are available.

Ancillary facilities: The building has a 24-hour doorman. The building has complete entertainment facilities, such as a gym, two indoor and outdoor swimming pools, bowling alleys, etc., as well as a pet park , which is very suitable for students who like sports and are ready to raise pets. The apartment is equipped with a built-in dryer, washing machine , and international brand refrigerator/microwave/dishwasher oven. The room decoration style is divided into two colors: sunrise and sunset .

Neighborhood: The building is close to Times Square, bringing together the best of all parts of the world, movies, shopping and dining. Payment Policy: Students purchase guaranteed insurance to pay monthly rent.

【Mercedes House】

Address: 550 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019

Apartment Information: The building was built in 2012 and is 32 storeys high. From the Mercedes-Benz Building to the school, you can walk to the 59th Street subway station, and then take the subway line 1. The total travel time is about 30 minutes, which is very convenient. Mercedes-Benz Building is relatively cost-effective among luxury apartments in Midtown West . In addition, the payment policy is very good. It is a rare building in Manhattan that can accept unconditional monthly payment. There is no need to pay additional guarantee insurance fees, and there is no one-time prepayment for the whole year.

Transportation: From the Mercedes-Benz Building to the school, you can walk to the 59th Street Subway Station, and then take Subway Line 1. The total travel time is about 30 minutes, which is very convenient. 10 minutes walk to Columbus Circle subway station and Central Park, subway station can take line A/B/C/D/1. Downstairs is the bus station, and it takes 5 minutes to go directly to the famous business district of Columbus Circle. The building itself also has a free shuttle for tenants to go to Columbus Circle.

Supporting facilities: The Amenity of the apartment is relatively rich, and the area is very large. There are 24-hour doormen, a gym on the whole floor, basketball courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, boxing rooms, etc. There are free fitness classes, yoga classes, Pilates and more classes every day. There is a built-in washer dryer in the apartment.

Surrounding environment: There are all kinds of supermarkets and parks in the surrounding area. The building is also located in the famous Hell’s Kitchen area of ​​New York, which is a famous food paradise. There is a supermarket Mercedes Market downstairs, and residents of the building can get a 5% discount . Also nearby is the all-day CVS as well as D’Agostino supermarket, grocery store and more.

Utilities: Water and gas are included, internet and electricity bills are paid by yourself

【The Epic】

Address: 125 W 31st St, New York, NY 10001

Apartment information: The building was built in 2008, 58 storeys, 460 units

Introduction: The old Internet celebrity building, next to the Empire State Building, near Ktown, the Korean town . You can eat and drink, go downstairs to buy groceries, buy milk tea, and visit Sephora.

Room features: Every room must be equipped with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, living in the endless prosperity of the world, and living in the clouds within reach.

Transportation: 3 minutes walk to subway station, 12 minutes to NYU main campus, 6 minutes walk to Midtown campus, 20 minutes subway to Xiacheng campus

Building Amenities: the epic is a new generation of LEED certified green luxury condominiums with 400 luxury rental rooms at the top of the building. Equipped with excellent valet service, vista outdoor deck with BBQ grills, 3900 sq ft fitness center and exercise lounge, 2400 sq ft lounge with indoor basketball court. Indoor water and air are filtered, water-saving appliances and energy-saving lighting are used, setting a benchmark for urban green life .

【Via 57 West】

Address: 625 West 57th Street, NY. NY. 10019

Apartment Information: A total of 709 units were built in 2016 on the 32nd floor

Introduction: The small clear stream in Midtown Tower, the iconic building of Midtown on the Hudson near Fordham, NYU, is located on the Hudson River in a triangular structure. Stairwells are ideal for an industrial look. There is a 22,000-foot open-air garden in the center of the building, a natural oxygen bar, the breeze is blowing, and there is a faint smell of plants. Bring a refreshing life experience

Room Features: Floor-to-ceiling windows are designed with a balcony. On the east side, you can enjoy the bustling night view of the Isle of Man, and on the west side, you can enjoy the beautiful river view. The windows in the middle of the building are the green windows downstairs. Indoor washer dryer

Building facilities: 24 hour doorman/gym/swimming pool/indoor half court basketball court/chef’s restaurant/movie screening room/ping pong room/texas room/game room/golf simulator/free training sessions

Location and surroundings: 10 minutes walk to Columbus Circle; walk to NYIT/Fordham and Lincoln Center two subway stops to Times Square shuttle bus to and from the subway station, every 10 minutes, to and from the Columbus business district Walk to the center Park Bergdorf barneys and 5th Avenue Uber to Times Square, Hell’s Kitchen only 10 minutes drive

Life: The supermarket downstairs has fresh vegetables, fruits and fast food, and there are deli, CVS, larger supermarket Whole Foods, Western Beef, etc. nearby. Downstairs there are cinemas, restaurants, pet boarding, etc., with complete facilities. Close to the Hudson River for down the river, biking, boating, parks.

【American Copper】

Address: 626 1st Ave., New York, NY 10016

Apartment introduction: The building was built in 2016 and has a total of 48 floors. Located at the intersection of 1st Avenue and 36th Street, American Copper is one of the most luxurious condominiums in Midtown East, known as the Hermès condo because of its “H” shape . The building was built in 2016 and has 48 floors.

Transportation: NYU school bus route, or walk 13 minutes to Metro Line 6, directly to NYU main campus.

Ancillary facilities: The building has a 24-hour doorman. The building has supporting facilities such as the Sky Pool, gym and lounge. The treadmill in the gym is facing the Empire State Building, giving it a feeling of running towards the Empire State Building . The apartment is equipped with a built-in dryer, washing machine, and international brand refrigerator/microwave/dishwasher oven.

Surrounding environment: The building is close to the United Nations Headquarters, with good community security conditions. Next to it is the NYU Medical School. There is a supermarket chain Trader Joe’s within a 10-minute walk. You can buy a variety of delicious snacks and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Payment Policy: Students purchase guaranteed insurance to pay monthly rent.

Long Island City LIC 

Lic is the most popular area for international students in New York in recent years, and the rental market here is very hot. Lic is very close to Manhattan and has a high degree of safety. The building here has good new facilities and convenient transportation. It only takes 20 minutes to go to NYU by subway, and it has become the first choice for many NYU students.

[Jackson park]

Address: 28-10 Jackson ave, long island city, NY

Apartment introduction: Long island city building king, is the real estate with the best facilities in this area . The building was completed in 2018 and consists of three phases of buildings. 1,800 families live here and have super facilities in the legendary universe.

Facilities: Five-story independent facility building. The first floor is: Lounge, Lounge, and Mini Golf. Second floor: Gym (3-4 free classes every day) Third floor: indoor swimming pool, sauna Fourth floor: basketball court, fifth floor: outdoor swimming pool, small hot spring. Facility fee is 75/person/month

Free Amenities: Dog Park, Kids Park, BBQ, and Rooftop Lounge.

Surroundings and transportation: There are supermarkets, restaurants nearby, coffee shops, pizza shops, nail salons, pet beauty shops, etc. downstairs. Opposite the house is a commercial real estate, and a food court is about to open.

The EMR train is just downstairs in front of the house, which is very convenient . It takes 3 minutes to arrive at NW7, and about 5 minutes to reach the G train that can go straight to Brooklyn. It takes about 25min to reach NYU, 20min to parsons, 30min to pace, 20min to Fordham, and 10min to Manhattan Fifth Avenue. Life is very convenient.


Address: 43-10 Crescent Street, Long Island City, NY, 11101

Apartment introduction: The 2015 building is an old-fashioned building in the LIC area. The property is well managed. It’s just that the floor of this building is relatively old, only part 1b and all 2b have washing machines, and the studio does not have washing machines.

Facilities: The building has a free two-story gym , a roof park, and some units have balconies. The scenery is good and the area is large. Usually their home is good value for money. Good price .

Surroundings and transportation: There is a supermarket and a restaurant downstairs, a pizza shop opposite, and a subway EM7G car . There are also many restaurants nearby

【1 QPS】

Address: 23-10 Queens Plaza South, Long Island City, NY, 11101

Apartment introduction: The real estate built in 2017 has a niche literary style, the materials are relatively literary and retro, the decoration is more stylish, there is a gym, a rooftop swimming pool, rock climbing, and a yoga room. This building has a better view, and the southwest-facing units can see Manhattan.

Surroundings and transportation: There is a milk tea shop nearby, and it is also very close to the supermarket, so life is convenient. About 3 minutes downstairs to reach: NW7 car, 5 minutes to EMR car

【Eagle Lofts】

Address: 43-22 Queens Street, Long Island City, NY 11101

Property Description: A new property built in 2018. The building has an industrial style, and the style is very unique. The rooms are large, and the high-rise, southwest-facing houses have more Manhattan views. It is a very popular building in LIC. The 2b unit is very well partitioned and the studio area is large .

Building facilities: there is a gym, roofdeck can barbecue, library, lounge, activity room, etc. Facility usage 75/month/unit.

Surroundings and transportation: 2 minutes from the entrance of the building to the EMR subway line. 5min to 7 and G car. Downstairs is a Japanese restaurant, 5 minutes to the supermarket, the nearby life is more convenient.


Address: 43-25 Hunter St, Long Island City, NY 11101

Apartment introduction: a new building in 2017, with a height of 51 floors. The interior of the building is decorated in a modern style. The interior is light-colored and cool, and it looks clean and simple. All units are equipped with their own washing machine and dryer .

Facilities: The building facilities are all free , including: gym, basketball court, lounge, roofdeck, etc.

Surroundings and transportation: opposite the building is the supermarket foodceller, and across the road is the subway station court square station. The next station stops at E, M, G, 7 lines, the transportation is very convenient.

Jersey City

Jersey City has also been a popular area for international students in New York in recent years. The price of apartments here is cheaper than that of New York, and the environment is beautiful. It only takes 30 minutes to go to NYU by subway, and the cost performance is very high.

{235 Grand Street}

Address: 235 Grand St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Apartment introduction: This is the latest construction of Jersey in 2019. Most of the units have floor-to-ceiling windows, and there are few high-rise buildings around. One side is the Manhattan view (you can see the Statue of Liberty), and the other side is the interior view of Jersey, with a very wide field of vision.

It is very friendly to international students, and you can make unconditional monthly payments with I-20 .

Facilities: Building facility fee: 575/year/household, including gym, outdoor swimming pool, Lounge, roof deck with barbecue, pet park, etc.

Surroundings and transportation: 6 minutes walk from the building to grove st subway station and food street, 15 minutes to Manhattan , there are Chinese supermarkets, movie theaters, restaurants, bars, grocery stores, banks, etc. nearby.

【The One】

Address: 110 1st St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Apartment introduction: Located between grove st and newport subway station, the apartment is very large, the studio is more than 600 square feet, and the 2b is more than 1200 square feet, but it is some distance from the subway station, and it takes 10 minutes to walk.

Facilities: The building’s facilities are very complete, including a gym, outdoor swimming pool, xbox game room, golf simulation room, billiard hall, etc. The fee is 600/year.

If you have the amount of one year’s rent shown in your U.S. bank account, you can pay the rent monthly.

Surroundings: Downstairs is a large supermarket shoprite, close to the newport mall, with movie theaters, restaurants, Macy’s, etc., and life is convenient.

[485 Marin]

Address: 485 Marin Blvd, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Apartment introduction; 2018 real estate, 7 minutes walk, you can see the subway station through the newport mall in front of you, one stop to Manhattan, a building with a very high occupancy rate.

It is very friendly to international students, and you can make unconditional monthly payments with I-20 .

Facilities; Building facility fee: 575/year/household, including gym, outdoor swimming pool, Lounge, roof deck with barbecue, pet park, etc.

Surroundings: There are Chinese supermarkets, cinemas, steakhouses, milk tea shops, express delivery, banks, etc. nearby.

【Newport Rentals】

Introduction: Newport Rentals is a very large management company with more than a dozen buildings distributed around the newport subway station. Compared with other buildings, the building is a little older, but many units have been renovated, and the conditions are also very good . Some have a large laundry room on the ground floor, and some have a laundry room on each floor, which is the king of value for money on the newport side. There is no gym in the building, you can use the gym at your own expense.

Among them, Southampton, Atlantic and Ellipse have river and Manhattan views .

International students are required to pay six months’ rent in advance and pay monthly rent for the rest of the lease term. The building includes gas, and water and electricity grids need to be paid by themselves.

【225 Grand】

Address: 225 Grand St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Apartment introduction: Walk 8 minutes to the Path Station, you can take the Path to New York directly. Compared with New Port in Jersey City, Grove St is slightly farther from the sea and the relative price is lower . Chinese food, supermarkets, etc. near this building are very convenient. The property has a 24 hour doorman. The apartment types of the real estate are all equipped with washing machines and dryers, and the facilities in the real estate include gymnasiums, rooftop swimming pools and other facilities, which are very rich.

【18 Park】

Address: 18 Park View Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Apartment introduction: 8 minutes to Path Station, Grove St. Compared with New Port in Jersey City, Grove St is slightly farther from the sea and the relative price is lower . Chinese food, supermarkets, etc. near this building are very convenient. The building has an outdoor swimming pool, a gym, a dog walk, a washer and dryer in the room, and a 24-hour doorman to protect the safety of the building

lower manhattan

【New York by Gehry】

Address: 8 Spruce St, New York, NY 10038

Apartment Information: The building was built in 2011 and has 76 floors.

Location and Transportation: New York by Gehry occupies an excellent location in lower Manhattan. Located at No. 8 Spruce Street, connected to the Brooklyn Bridge, it is magnificent and beautiful. Brooklyn city hall is a bustling office area and a super-large subway hub, making it extremely convenient to travel to and from Brooklyn. At the same time, across the river, you can see the Statue of Liberty in the distance, with the city park in the back.

Apartment facilities: 24 hours outside the door, there is parking service. Meeting room, gym, billiard hall, rooftop everything

The Gehry indoor pool is located between a skylight and is surrounded by a series of fully retracted glass doors, a wraparound sundeck with loungers . Features custom amphitheater seating for private parties. For younger residents, a children’s playroom is equipped with games and toys appropriate for age and interests. For adults, the library is furnished with comfortable reading chairs and large workbenches as well as a fitness center and personal training studio.

Booking process: International students prepay the annual rent and one month’s deposit in advance.


Address: 7 Dey St, New York, NY 10007

Apartment introduction: The apartment will be built in 2021, with a total of 209 apartments on 34 floors. The interior design is simple and fresh, with large floor-to-ceiling windows, and indoor drying and washing everything is available.

Location: The apartment is located in the center of lower Manhattan, in the financial circle of Manhattan, adjacent to Wall Street, and belongs to the most prosperous area in Manhattan .

Building facilities:

24 hours outside, there is also a parking service. Meeting room, gym, yoga room, billiard hall, rooftop everything

Surroundings and transportation: There are various parks, restaurants, bars, boutiques, and restaurants nearby. There are many subway lines 4/5/R/W nearby, the transportation is invincible and convenient, 12 minutes to NYU, 11 minutes to NYU Tandon

【20 Broad】

Address: 20 Broad St, New York, NY 10005

Apartment Information: The apartment was built in 2018, with 29 floors and 533 rentable units

Amenities: The interiors were designed by New York-based Cetra Ruddy Architects—abstractly designed brass, ornate marble, ingenious bookshelves, a perfect nod to mid-century art.

On the open-air Lounge, you can view the historical buildings and city landmarks of the financial district, and you can have a panoramic view of the downtown style of Manhattan.

Surroundings: 20 Broad stands in the center of the Financial District, with an excellent geographical location, food, shopping, leisure and entertainment are readily available, 10 subway lines can be described as extending in all directions, from home, you can reach every corner of New York without changing trains

NYU Tandon Campus

Area introduction

Finally, let’s talk about the Tandon School of Engineering, NYU’s campus in Brooklyn. Downtown Brooklyn is connected to Manhattan and the New York Civic Center by the Brooklyn Bridge. In recent years, it has developed rapidly and there are many high-rise buildings . From the Civic Center in Manhattan, follow the Brooklyn Bridge to Downtown Brooklyn, pass the NYU Tandon School of Engineering, and continue in this direction to reach the Barclays Center.

Transportation: Downtown Brooklyn is a hub connecting Brooklyn and Manhattan. There are many subway lines here: blue line AC, orange line BDF, yellow line QR, red line 23, green line 45 are all gathered here .

Schools: There are many schools in downtown Brooklyn, including New York University’s School of Engineering campus, Pratt Institute of the Arts, Long Island University, etc. Some Pace students who take classes on NYU’s main campus and the financial district also choose to live here. Because of the relatively crowded Manhattan, downtown Brooklyn is still very good.

Surroundings: Parks: Forte Greene and Prospect Park are near downtown Brooklyn. Within a ten-minute walk, there are Brooklyn Bridge park and Main street park, which are the must-see places to take pictures in New York. It is a good place for running, walking, and walking the dog.

Buildings suitable for students on the NYU Tandon campus include:


【33 Bond street】

Address: 33 Bond St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Apartment information: The apartment was built in 2017 and has 25 floors.

Facilities: Small apartment 1b and studio do not have a washing machine and dryer. This building is larger than other properties. The price is also more reasonable.

Surroundings: walk 7 minutes to the school. It is a real estate owned by TFC, a well-known real estate company in New York. It is very professional in all aspects of property management.


Address: 309 Gold St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Apartment information: The apartment was built in 2019 and has 40 floors

Amenities: Features a heated outdoor pool, a two-story state-of-the-art fitness center , a residents’ lounge and a rooftop deck with 360-degree views of the Manhattan skyline, all set in the sky 40 stories high.

Surroundings: Perfect location just a three minute walk to the main MRT Jay St and DeKalb Ave MRT stations filled with local restaurants, bars, shopping and other local services. The subway nearby is very convenient, the AFFRBQ2345 subway is downstairs, and it is very close to NYU Tandon

【The Eagle】

Address: 86 Fleet Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Apartment information: The apartment was built in 2018 and has 32 floors.

Amenities: Each residence features floor-to-ceiling windows, walnut floors, spacious closets and built-in washer/dryer. The gourmet kitchen features stainless steel appliances, custom oak cabinets and Brazilian stone countertops. The oversized luxurious bathroom features a soaking tub and oak vanity with quartzite countertops.

Neighborhood: Ideally located, lively downtown Brooklyn meets historic Fort Greene. It only takes 7 minutes to walk to the school . 8 minutes to subway ACFJ, 4 minutes NQR. 4 subway stops to New York Washington Square Campus, 18 minutes to New York City Center Campus.

Payment method: 1. Students need to purchase insurance and pay monthly fees. 2. The annual salary of migrant workers is sufficient to pay 40 monthly payments per month, or purchase insurance to pay monthly. 3. U.S. guarantors can also pay monthly

【The Amberly】

Address: 120 Nassau St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Apartment information: The new building in 2018 has 33 floors and a total of 270 units.

Amenities: Amberly offers studio to 3 bedrooms, all kitchens have Caesarstone waterside benchtops and bathrooms are decorated with elegant herringbone tiles . Washer/dryer is indoors. Building amenities include a live/work lounge on the ground floor with access to a public plaza designed by the landscape architect. The fitness center includes Peloton. The ninth floor is the lounge, surrounded by sundecks, outdoor barbecues and dining areas.

Surroundings: Amberly is located at the intersection of Brooklyn Heights and downtown Brooklyn, where life is very rich and convenient.

Transportation: 4 minutes walk to subway line A, C; about 8 minutes to line F, R, 2, 3, 4, 5.

【110 Livingston Street】

Address: 110 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Apartment Information: This building and 125 Court are sister buildings and belong to a group. The apartment was rebuilt in 2008 and has 17 floors.

Facilities: 110 Livingston has been refurbished in an old classic building, with new additions such as a gym. Some rooms do not have a washer dryer.

Transportation: Route 6 trains, Trader Joe’s and Brooklyn Bridge Park are on your doorstep

That’s all for NYU’s rental guide.

If you want to enter the NYU freshman wechat group or have any questions about renting, please scan the QR code below for consultation!