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To say that the most eye-catching building in Brooklyn, New York, must be the hottest new building Olympia Dumbo recently.

Olympia has a very unique shape. As the floor rises, the entire building presents steps and curves, reminiscent of the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai , which is truly unforgettable at first glance. Olympia ‘s extremely three-dimensional shape makes you feel unique from any angle.

Let’s take a look at this Dumbo’s hottest new landmark!

01 geographical conditions

Olympia is located in the heart of Brooklyn’s most literary district, Dumbo.

The entire Dumbo community is very young and energetic , and is deeply loved by young people. It is also a check-in holy place for New Yorkers and young literary and artistic people . Dumbo has transformed from an industrial factory decades ago to one of the fastest -growing neighborhoods in New York City, with many tourists, strong rental demand and unlimited real estate market potential.

Just a few minutes walk from Olympia Dumbo is Brooklyn Park, which offers beautiful views of the Manhattan skyline and New York’s iconic Brooklyn Bridge . In addition, the building is adjacent to the Brooklyn Historical Society and the South Street Seaport Museum. It is surrounded by fashionable shops, Internet celebrity restaurants and bars , and life is very comfortable and comfortable.

The transportation near Olympia Dumbo is very convenient, and the subway lines A/C/F/R/2/3/4/5 can go directly to Manhattan. 

02 building design

Designed to capture the beauty of the New York cityscape and surrounding landscape, Olympia features a sailboat-like tower. The tower steps and curves as it rises, directing floor-to-ceiling windows and terraces on each floor to the best views.

Olympia Dumbo is built by the famous Forts Property Group in the United States. The exterior design of the building is designed by Hill West Architects, and the interior design is designed by Workstead.

Hill West Architects is an industry-leading New York City architecture and design firm dedicated to creating mixed-use complexes of the highest quality. Founded by partners L. Stephen Hill and David West, it is comprised of more than 100 of New York’s most talented design professionals with extensive experience in the planning and design of high-rise residential and hospitality buildings and mixed-use complexes. Together, the team has created countless modern buildings that will stand the test of time.

Workstead is a unique Brooklyn design studio founded in 2009 with a design philosophy rooted in modern craftsmanship and traditional craftsmanship . Since its inception, Workstead has become a rising star in the design world – they are very good at combining history and modern style, and the whole design is very attention to detail and human touch . In 2022, the studio has been included in the list of the world’s top 100 design studios by the authoritative architecture magazine Architectural Digest.

03 Building facilities

Amenities at Olympia are unrivaled in luxury , with 38,000 Amenities at Olympia are unrivaled in luxury , with 38,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor facilities spread over three levels – Garden Ground, Bridge Level and Event Room – designed to maximize comfort and convenience .

garden ground floor

The ground floor of the garden is where the Olympia landed. Olympia’s communal entry space has been crafted by interior design studio Workstead, featuring their signature stone and wood carving details, combining a grand three-level lobby with an intimate garden lounge.

bridge layer

The Bridge Level is located on the 10th floor of the building and offers a variety of indoor and outdoor facilities dedicated to leisure and relaxation. These include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, treatment rooms, saunas, steam rooms, juice bars, landscaped parks, BBQ areas and children’s boat-shaped playgrounds.

It is worth mentioning that Olympia also has the highest outdoor tennis court in New York . It is a wonderful thing to imagine yourself and your family and friends playing tennis on the ten-story high tennis court in Olympia Dumbo while admiring the Manhattan skyline.

Activity Room

Activity rooms are located on the lower levels of the building and are centered on recreation and fitness. The club features a games lounge, bar, bowling alley, fitness center, yoga studio, boxing gym and a marine-themed children’s playroom. If you are tired from exercising, you can go to the 10th floor for a physiotherapy and drink a juice. How relaxing.

04  upholstery

Olympia’s residences are palatial yet homely. Full-width terraces complement the oversized rooms, allowing residents to enjoy deep horizon views of the East River and the waters of New York Harbor, as well as beautiful and spectacular sunsets .

The whole interior not only has the warm atmosphere of home but also reflects the taste. From the white maple custom cabinets to the FIORI DI BOSCO marble kitchen island, the overall design is full of organic sense and beauty , and the color matching is also very natural and soft. At the same time, the small details of humanization of interior design are full of every corner. The island in the kitchen and the edge of the vanity in the bedroom are very user-friendly to right-angle design , freeing up more space for your legs.

Unlike other apartments in New York, Olympia’s kitchen is designed so that the gas after cooking is exhausted directly to the outside , ensuring the cleanliness of the interior. The kitchen is equipped with the latest appliances, and most impressive is the Kardashian-style built-in refrigerator , which blends in with the rest of the kitchen cabinets and makes you feel like you’re on a reality show. The bathrooms are also luxuriously furnished, with a walk-in shower with pearl nickel hardware and clear low-iron glass doors that make you feel like you are in Dubai .

ummarize Summary 

Overall, Olympia is Dumbo’s most luxurious and most dazzling star. From the exterior design of the building to the interior decoration, as well as the building facilities, Olympia Dumbo is full of luxury.

Coupled with the invincible geographical location and cultural atmosphere, the future appreciation space is limitless. Whether it is buying a house, investing or living, it is a very good choice.

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