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As a leader in the New York real estate industry, Acre New York has brought high-quality professional services to more elite customers after transformation and upgrading at the beginning of this year, and has received rave reviews in the industry. Therefore, our team is very much looking forward to more fresh blood to join the big family of Acre New York and continue to serve more friends at home and abroad!


Acre New York Real Estate Company was established in early 2018. It is a well-known real estate company in New York. It has successfully provided tens of thousands of customers at home and abroad with intimate and high-quality housing leasing and real estate buying and selling services. As a professional boutique real estate service company, we specialize in the mid-to-high-end buying, selling and leasing market in New York. Our business includes helping clients buy and sell real estate, lease and sublease apartments. We are committed to providing one-stop rental and sales for international students and young professionals, and provide in-depth and comprehensive real estate services through various online and offline platform resources. We are a young and energetic team that has long held various types of online and offline activities for international students and professionals to provide more comprehensive and in-depth services to our customer groups.

Company benefits:

We provide comprehensive real estate industry training, so that every sales assistant can quickly enter the state. We have a long-running self-media platform and cooperative professional lawyers, which can provide newcomers with various learning and practice resources and platforms. Experienced salesmen will lead newcomers to field inspections and learn industry knowledge efficiently. Our company’s marketing department has a professional and systematic way to find customers and provide customers for new sales. The company holds large-scale offline events at least twice a month, providing new assistants with effective face-to-face opportunities to meet customers. The real estate industry has rich returns, and the company provides H1B lottery opportunities for better sales!

Marketing position

Web page production and designer (part-time)

Marketing director (full-time)

Sales position

[In-house Sales] full-time

Real estate sales assistant] full-time/part-time

Intern position

[social media operation] Internship

[Event Planning and Operation] Internship

[Video Operation] Internship

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