Acre NY | Happy New Year, a new chapter in 2022

Unknowingly comes to the end of 2021

Are you ready for 2022?

Arce NY sincerely wishes you and your family and friends a Happy New Year.

Thank you for your continued trust, support and affirmation in Acre NY.

We will work harder to provide you with professional real estate services.

This year is a milestone

At the beginning of this year, the original brand Homeland was officially defined and upgraded to the Acre NY Realty brand has brought high-quality real estate services helped tens of thousands of customers to find new homes.

We also Athena Lic project cooperated to bring you all in the future. More high-quality exclusive listings.

In addition, we also held various types of online and offline activities for many professionals and international students networking platform.

Let’s review the offline activities held by Acre NY with the pictures!

Young Professional Social Reception

Speed ​​Dating Offline Dating Event

Customer Appreciation Banquet Saying

Past Looking to the Future


Goodbye to Online and offline activities to give back to customers, then Acre NY also prepared a New Year’s gift

Click to open the gift.

If you are an Acre NY customer and recommend Acre NY to your friends, you have successfully used Acre NY’s After the real estate service, you will receive a $200 Amazon gift card and your friend will receive a $200 moving voucher.

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