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In the Isle of Man, where every inch of land is expensive, all kinds of consumption will come with high premiums. For those who work and study on the Isle of Man, the ultimate convenience often has a high price tag. Under the premise of a constant budget, high-quality living environment and The ultimate price/performance ratio is often like fish and bear’s paw, it is difficult to have both. As a satellite city, Jersey City, with the blessing of the fast transportation system path, undoubtedly provides another choice for people who are looking for a balance (convenience and quality of life).

Jersey City transportation hub

PATH is connected by the Path system and is the four major areas of Jersey City: Newport, Exchange Place, Grove St, and Journal Square. The planning of Path can be said to be quite elegant. Based on the frequency of travel, two lines with different destinations are set up: one goes through Christopher St, 9th (directly to nyu), 14th, 23th, 33th, to Midtown; the other goes directly to the World Trade Center The line goes directly to the World Trade Center and directly to Pace University.

Generally speaking, the positioning of Jersey City (JC) as a satellite city is to provide a beautiful environment, convenient living, sufficient consumption and entertainment venues and modern rapid transportation facilities connecting the central city to make up for the non-central location. Its most attractive part is to maximize the quality of life with the smallest commuting cost.

Essentially, those who choose Jersey are pursuing the perfect balance of high quality of life and cost-effectiveness. Pursuing this balance of tools and philosophy is undoubtedly the right choice. Sorting the needs, understanding the needs of the highest ranking, and then meeting each need as much as possible is the first task of every friend who plans to find the perfect place to live in jersey. And this is not an easy thing.

On the other hand, the apartment buildings built around each path site are subject to the limitations of different geographical locations. The development and operators of the apartment also implement the strategy of differentiated competition, or focus on utopian high-end luxury and beautiful scenery (Urby), or Mainly promote cost performance and extremely convenient transportation (JS), or provide excellent life convenience and natural delicate balance (vyv and columbus), on the basis of providing high-standard hardware facilities and perfect standardized services, maximize its own characteristics, and focus on different Focused consumers provide many choices, and strive to serve the largest range of consumer groups while highlighting their characteristics.

Based on the above situation, apartment tenants need to accurately convey their positioning and target group. Correspondingly, each potential resident who will live in Jersey City also needs to collect information based on their own situation and experience the real estate in person, in order to find out The most luxurious, the best service, the best location, but the best place to live. (PS: It’s like looking for Mr.right, not necessarily Gao Fushuai and Bai Fumei, but it must be the person who is most compatible with him)

Another interesting thing about the various properties in Jersey City is that this is a young city with many Many students and white-collar workers use this place as their residence. A phenomenon brought about is that it is full of new things to satisfy young people. The group on the first floor is not a legend here. Connected young people get together, script killing, basketball groups, tennis groups are dazzling. . . . . Everyone looks after each other in the group, finds friends, trades all kinds of second-hand items, and brings convenience to everyone who lives here in another way.

This article will select some of the most representative real estates to make some introductions, with the intention of providing some useful information for everyone who wants to go out and find the perfect place to live in jersey.


PART 1 zoning introduction

Most of the apartment buildings in Newport and exchange place are built near the river and are concentrated around the business district. It is within walking distance to riverside parks, various specialty restaurants, and warehouse supermarkets in five-minutes. There are various bars, cafes and Chinese supermarkets with in a resident.

Every resident who lives here feels the beauty of the natural environment here. Stepping into the riverside plank road, you can see the Weilan River near you and the skyline in the distance. Wander the wooden plank road around the river, or listen to music and run around the river, or take a walk along the river, soak up the sun, enjoy the breeze, and enjoy the tranquility of being alone. Or share nature with your partner or bring your pet to experience the beauty of companionship.

Back in your apartment, you’ll enjoy all the conveniences of a hotel.

Grove st is located in an area with a strong atmosphere of fireworks. Bars and meals from all over the world are gathered here. The real estate developed here is mainly a convenient place rich in fireworks and rich in life. entertainment Companion, sharing leisure time is also a pleasure.

Compared with other areas, Journal square is still in the development stage, and the convenience of living is not as good as the above areas (suitable for students who focus on career and study, manual dog head), but the convenience of connecting with the Isle of Man is not inferior to other areas. Therefore, the development projects in this area are often known for their stockpiling and cost-effectiveness (representative is journal squared, new buildings, complete hardware, and a subway station downstairs, which is convenient for travel and lower in price than other areas). Of course, this car owners is a huge benefit 15 minutes everywhere in jersey.

In addition, uber eats, panda takeaway, chowbus and other takeaway platforms cover the whole of Jersey City. You can not only get the food from local businesses at home, but also order the signature delicacies of businesses in Flushing, Isle of Man and other places, milk tea, skewers, hot pot, etc. You can enjoy it at home with the touch of a finger.

Here, there is always a way of life that you who love life yearn for.


PART 2 Introduction of typical real estate in

Exchange Place


“creates a utopian atmosphere and makes everyone linger” is mainly high-end, complete with scenery and convenience of life.

Urby is a modern building with 70 floors. It was designed by the famous DeSimone and constructed with high-quality materials. Urby with a super-recognizable building is also a conspicuous existence in Jersey City, which is lined with high-rise buildings ( 4th tallest building).

The internal apartment units are blessed with large and transparent windows, and most of the apartments have excellent views, which can provide a panoramic view of the city, enjoy the splendid Manhattan skyline, and experience the lights of thousands of homes.

In addition, indoor washing and drying, high-end kitchen and bathroom facilities are also readily available. This unique building has a whole floor (9 floors) of shared social space, equipped with outdoor facilities such as a heated swimming pool, terrace, barbecue grill. The gym on the floor is fully equipped, which can meet the needs of aerobic and heavy training from beginners to advanced users. Together with a bar and a coffee shop, it provides residents with a good place for leisure and entertainment. Wouldn’t it be a pleasure to bring three or two friends to gather in such a well-equipped location. Another unique service is the provision of a communal kitchen and regular cooking classes led by professional teachers.

The location is excellent and provides excellent convenience. It is less than 10 minutes’ walking distance from the three path stations. There are many choices of gourmet supermarkets around.

New Port

VYV is a pedestrian paradise, with extremely convenient life and views. It takes five minutes to arrive at the latest red building in jersey city, which was built in 2019 in Riverside Park. It consists of two towers, north and south. The location is excellent. It takes 5 minutes to walk to Newport Path Station. There are large supermarkets of BJ wholesale and Shoprite behind the building. It takes 5 minutes to walk toNew Port’s largest shopping mall (JCPenny, Macy’s), and there are many choices of restaurants.

Building facilities include gym, swimming pool, pet park, game room, bbq grill, terrace. With pet grooming room, dog park, cute pet friendly. There is a daycare downstairs, which is very convenient to pick up and drop off children. Dedicated bicycle parking space, enjoy close and convenient travel.

All units are equipped with indoor washing and drying, and many one bedroom / two bedroom units have a large walk-in closet, which solves the problem of clothing display, so that you don’t have to worry about having a lot of optional clothing.

Some units can have a close-up view of Hudson Lake and the middle and lower floors of the Isle of Man.

The internal apartment units are blessed with large and transparent windows, and most of the apartments have excellent views, which can provide a panoramic view of the city, enjoy the splendid Manhattan skyline, and experience the lights of thousands of homes.

Grove Street

50/70/90 Columbus

Good social location, convenient living. It belongs to three buildings of the same developer, of which 90 is the newest. The whole building was designed by the world-renowned architect Costas Kondylis, and the interior design was designed by designer Andres Escobar, which is modern and well-utilized.

Sitting in the prime location of Downtown Jersey, downstairs is the supermarket and Grove Street subway station, 10mins to Manhattan, suitable for Pace, NYU, Parsons, Baruch students.

50/70 was completed earlier, so the price is relatively good, and the Statue of Liberty can be seen on the upper floors.

There are plenty of bars, cafes, and various boutiques around. Super close. Two-story gym. It also has an outdoor basketball court.

Journal Square


is very cost-effective and a good choice for car owners.

The latest luxury building in the Jersey City area, consisting of a 55-story (Tower 1) and a 68-story (Tower 2) building. Downstairs is the path subway station, which has direct access to WTC and Isle of Man Midtown. Downstairs is the supermarket, super delicious Jollibee, convenience store, Starbucks. The super-beautiful Isle of Man view or the Statue of Liberty view, indoor washing and drying, with unobstructed large windows.

The building’s facilities include a full-floor gym and a full-floor multi-purpose lounge, cinema, library, study room, conference room, three swimming pools with different functions and indoor rock climbing. When you need a break, you can play chess or billiards in the Gaming Lounge, or find a desk in the Private Study. The most eye-catching thing is that on this floor, there are three walls of book reserves, and none of them Exceptions are real books.

The above are typical properties in the main areas of Jersey City. Due to space limitations, only one of each area is selected here. In fact, there are many other apartment properties with different characteristics that are also worth taking time to introduce. If you are interested in other real estate, there will be more practical real estate introduction articles in the future!

In addition, if you have questions about real estate or renting a house, you can also add Jamie’s WeChat, and I will answer all kinds of questions for you in WeChat!

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