First time renting in New York? It is enough for the younger brothers and sisters to collect this article!

My friends who are renting in New York for the first time, first of all congratulations, you are about to start a new journey and come to a new city. ACRE NY’s mission is to accompany you to easily move into your new home! Before starting this journey, let’s take a look at the basics of renting in New York!

House Types:

First, let’s take a look at the four most common house types in New York. When you choose a house, you will know which one is more suitable for your living habits and budget for finding a house~

Studio Types:

Studio means a large suite , Friends who want to live alone will choose studio, which is basically divided into kitchen+ bathroom+living area. Some buildings also have a large-space studio, called Alcove Studio, and sleeping area, but living area and sleeping area will not be separated. , more suitable for couples to live.

[Unit 1B1B] The

Full name is 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom, which is what we generally call one bedroom and one living room. There is a separate living room and kitchen space. For friends who want to have their own independent space, 1B1B is a very good choice.

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[2B2B type]

Two, This is the most popular apartment type among international students. The roommates who share the room will divide the living room into a bedroom, so three students can share the room. The students who live in the master bedroom can use the bathroom of the master bedroom alone, but they also need to share more Students in the second bedroom and living room share a large bathroom, and students in the second bedroom have to pay more for the room than those in the living room.


Two bedrooms and one bathroom, if you want to share with friends or classmates, 2B1B is also another good choice. It has a separate rest area and a common entertainment and living space. The roommates of the master bedroom and the second bedroom need to share a restroom.

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In New York, a diverse and interesting city, friends with different personalities also have different preferences for the area to live. The following major areas are relatively safe and convenient for students who are in school or friends at work~

[Manhattan Manhattan]

Downtown: That is, the financial center of New York, in the World Trade Center, Wall Street area, suitable for Office workers at Wall Street, or students at Pace University, NYU Tandon.

Midtown: About 14-59th Street, namely Penn Station, Times Square, and Fifth Avenue. Most luxury buildings are concentrated in midtown west. It is a good place to be quiet in the middle of the hustle and bustle. It is the best place for Baruch, NYU, and Fordham students. Choose

Upper Westside and Upper Eastside: About 60-96th Street, upper west side is simply a dormitory for Columbia students, walking to school is not a dream; and the old house in upper eastside is also unique.

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However, the rent in Manhattan is always surprisingly high. Many people choose to live in the surrounding area, but they often ask cute if these places are safe and convenient. Here to eliminate everyone’s prejudice.

[Brooklyn Brooklyn]

In this area of ​​Brooklyn, the first recommendation of Downtown Brooklyn! very safe! The supporting living facilities there are also very complete, such as large supermarkets (Whole Foods, Target), Apple flagship stores, and food streets. Since many high-end residences have been built there, patrols are also frequent, and the security has been strengthened a lot. In recent years, many modern leased buildings have been newly built. The supporting facilities are very complete. It is within walking distance from NYU Tondon and Parsons. The monthly rental price of a large studio suite is 1600+, and the price of one room and one living room in 1B is +2000. , 2B is around 3000.

[Long Island City]

LIC is also a new area after 2010. The riverside area center blvd, which is divided into LIC, is concentrated on a group of houses with beautiful scenery and pleasant environment looking at Manhattan on the opposite river bank. The traffic in this area is not very convenient, it takes about 10 minutes to get to Line 7.

The most recent development of LIC is the core area, which includes subway stations: queens plaza, queensboro plaza, and court sq. There are 7 subway lines nearby, and it takes 5 minutes to reach Midtown Manhattan. The building is new, with good facilities and high cost performance. It is a popular option for students to rent in recent years. This area only takes 30 minutes to go to NYU, Parsons and other schools, and it is even closer to Fordham. Among them, well-known buildings: Hayden, 1 QPS, Jackson Park, Eagle Lofts and other luxury buildings are very popular, and Xi’an famous food, which is the favorite of international students, has opened. This location also makes it easy to order the most complete Chinese takeaway in Flushing. It only takes 30 minutes to get to Flushing!

[Roosevelt Island Roosevelt Island]

An independent slender island to the east of MANHATTAN, the security on the island is very good, and the crime rate is 0. There is a free little red bus to take people to the cable car or subway station, and take the cable car directly to the F line subway station. The rent is generally cheaper than Manhattan/LIC/Downtown Brooklyn. The disadvantage is that the traffic is relatively inconvenient. There is only one F subway station, and the subway sometimes stops on holidays.

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If you want to find a comfortable and safe place to live in a new city, you really have to do your homework. I hope this article can help you in New York for the first time. Classmates and friends who rent! Today’s first rental sharing is introduced here. Next time, we will continue to analyze the precautions and procedures for renting in New York!

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