Have you heard of Long Island City (LIC), a popular rental area for international students in New York?

Since 2010, Long Island City has become the fastest growing core area, where you can find the latest real estate, the best facilities and the most suitable living environment. So, where can you go when you live in Long Island City?


Life at Long Island City

Island City The fastest growing area in Long Island City with all the latest real estate is called Center Blvd (the red block in the picture).

Center Blvd basically has a luxury building built every year, plus various milk tea shops, Trader Joes, Xi’an famous food, rock climbing hall, hot pot restaurant blessing LIC is the first choice for international students. The subway lines here are developed, including 3 subway stations and 7 subway lines to go wherever you want.

Parsons/NYU/SVA can choose to take the N, W, R, M lines without changing to the subway line to arrive in about 20 minutes, and like FIT, Columbia, take Line 7, and transfer to Express Line 1 in 30 minutes within reach! (See picture below)

Where can I go for a weekend outing?

Go to Hudson Yard to see The Edge, go to Times Square to take night scenes, go to Flushing to eat all the delicious food, go shopping in Soho, or want to go to Dumbo to take beautiful photos in the popular area. LIC traffic can be reached in a straight line. 7, G, N, W, R can take you anywhere. (See the picture below)

Where should I live in such a good place?

Don’t worry, the following is the most complete and latest real estate recommendation.

There is no best, only better!



43-22 Queens Street, Long Island City, NY 11101

Eagle Lofts was built in 2018 and has 55 floors. The style is the most avant-garde industrial style so far. The rooms are large in size, indoor dryinand washing, floor-to-ceiling windows in the corners, and the surrounding unobstructed high-rises have Manhattan views.

In Eagle, you can find Studio, 1B1B and 2B2B, the price is 2800+, 3700 respectively + and 4200+ (Gross Price) are the most popular is the 2b2b good partition, you can find friends to share a room together, if you live in the studio space is also very large building facilities have a two-story gym, summer rooftop can barbecue, books Pavilion, lounge, activity room, pet room, etc. 3 minutes walk to E, M, R subway lines, NYU/PARSONS/SVA can be reached within 30 minutes. 6 minutes walk to 7 and G lines, more convenient to play on weekends. You can go to Times Square/Flushing/DUMBO.

Finally, there is a famous speakeasy bar downstairs in Eagle, Japanese food store and various food trucks to satisfy all different tastes.

43-25 Hunter St, Long Island City, NY 11101

HAYDEN was built in 2017 and has 51 floors. Modern style cool color decoration. It is divided into two buildings, east and west, and is connected by lobby. Some special units also have their own balconies. Having your own balcony in New York is the happiest thing ever.

Studio, 1b1b and 2b2b can be found in Hayden with gross prices at 3000+, 3600+ and 4700+ (Gross Price) respectively. There is a particularly good partition and the living room can have its own balcony facing the Manhattan scenery.

The facilities of the building are all free including: gym, yoga room, basketball court, activity room, rooftop terrace, etc.

Going out is the newly opened Cixi, and there are VIVI milk tea and wish tea in 3 minutes’ walk. This is the happiness building surrounded by milk tea! !

There is a subway station within a 2-minute walk, and there are lines E, M, 7, and G. 2 stops into the city, within 25 minutes to NYU/PARSONS/SVA and other schools.

43-10 Crescent Street, Long Island City, NY, 11101

LINC 2014 building, 42 floors. It is an old-fashioned luxury building in the LIC area. It is the same real estate company as Hayden and Eagle. Its style is also similar to the latter two, with a minimalist industrial style.

At Linc you can find Studio, 1b1b and 2b2b in price ranges of 2800+, 3500+ and 5100+ (Gross Price). Most of the buildings are large in size, and they usually have a good price/performance ratio. The fly in the ointment is that the floor is relatively old, only part of the Studio and 1b1b and all 2b have washing machines.

28-40 Jackson ave,long island city, NY

28-30 Jackson ave,long island city, NY

The building has a free two-story gym, a roof park, and some units have balconies. The west-facing units feature unobstructed views of Manhattan. Downstairs is the fresh supermarket and the best Brunch in LIC. It takes 3 minutes to walk to the EM7G line, and 6 minutes to the NWR line to reach schools such as NYU/PARSONS/SVA within 30 minutes.

28-10 Jackson ave,long island city, NY

Jackson Park is known as the king of LIC buildings because it has the best internal facilities The real estate, the door is the subway opposite the latest supermarket is the perfect location. The building was completed in 2018 and consists of three phases of buildings, with 1,800 families living here.

In JP you can find Studio, 1B1B, 2B1B, 2B2B, 3B2B and 4B3B, all types of units. Their price ranges are 2600+, 3600+, 4100+, 4200+, 6400+ and 7400+ (Gross Price). The corner unit has a large living room that can be used as a partition or has a large floor-to-ceiling window in the public space.

Five floors of separate facility buildings: The first floor is: Lounge, lounge, and mini golf course. Second floor: Gym (3-4 free classes every day) Third floor: indoor swimming pool, sauna Fourth floor: basketball court, fifth floor: outdoor swimming pool, small hot spring. The facility fee is 99/person/month for free facilities: dog park, children’s park, BBQ area, and rooftop lounge.

Across the street is the newly opened food court and the latest fresh supermarket, and downstairs there are coffee shops, restaurants, nail salons, pet grooming shops, etc.

The EMR car is just downstairs in front of the house, which is very convenient. It takes 3 minutes to arrive at NW7, and about 5 minutes to reach the G train that can go straight to Brooklyn. It takes about 20 minutes to go to Parsons/sva/nyu without changing trains!

23-10 Queens Plaza South, Long Island City, NY, 11101

1QPS 2017 building, 44 floors. A niche literary style, the materials are made of reinforced concrete colliding with modern elements, and the decoration is more stylish. The scenery of this building is better, and the southwest-facing units can see the combination of Queen Bridge and Manhattan scenery.

Studio, 1B1B and 2B2B can be found at 1qps with price ranges of 2300+, 3200+ and 5500+ (Gross Price). Among them, the most popular among international students is the above room type. The living room has floor-to-ceiling windows and an unobstructed Manhattan View on both sides. The master bedroom is also a Manhattan View.

Building facilities include gym, rooftop swimming pool, rock climbing, yoga room. Go downstairs to the supermarket for 5 minutes, go to various milk tea shops for 5 minutes, and go to the Japanese supermarket for 5 minutes.

Walk downstairs for 3 minutes to NW7 and 5 minutes to EMR. It takes about 20 minutes to go to Parsons/sva/nyu without changing trains. 6mins walk is NWR line to reach NYU/PARSONS/SVA and other schools within 30 minutes.

29-22 Northern Boulevard, Long Island City, NY, 11101

ALTA 2018 building, 43 stories high, the building is Nordic minimalist style. Below the 17th floor of the building is Alta Ollie, all of which are co-tenant and hotel-style management. The room is fully furnished, with a bed, wardrobe, table, kitchen utensils, and a TV. The room is cleaned every week and the linen is changed for free. The services are free and provide free internet. The 17th floor and above are all normal units, which are well partitioned. The west-facing units enjoy the view of Queen Bridge and Manhattan.

Studios, 1B1B and 2B2B can be found at Alta in price ranges of 2700+, 3600+ and 4600+ (Gross Price).

The building’s facilities include a gym, swimming pool, sky lounge and activity room. There is a parking lot downstairs when you go out and turn left. It is the most convenient building for parking and going home.

The EMR car is just downstairs in front of the house, which is very convenient. It takes 4 minutes to arrive at NW7, and about 7 minutes to reach the G car that can go straight to Brooklyn. It takes about 20 minutes to go to Parsons/sva/nyu without changing trains.

27-19 44th Dr, Long Island City, NY 11101

Watermark completed in 2017, the building is 27 stories high. Watermark is a boutique small real estate in LIC. The real estate is relatively small, so the number of households is small and the personnel composition is simple.

At watermark you can find Studio, 1B1B and 2B2B with prices ranging from 2200+, 3200+ and 4500+ (Gross Price). The biggest advantage of this property is that it is very large! Especially the studio type has a lot of storage space, and the kitchen is also separated from the living space.

The building facilities include a gym and an open-air roof. Within a 3-minute walk, you can go to the supermarket, Starbucks, Xi’an famous food, western restaurants, and the best pet hospital in LIC downstairs. At the door is the subway station of court sq: E/M/7/G trains are at the door.

44-28 Purves St, Queens, NY 11101

FORGE completed in 2017, the building is 38 stories high. The style is very avant-garde and minimal, mainly with lines and brown and red. Building facilities include gym, swimming pool, open-air cinema, etc. at an additional cost.

At The Forge you can find Studios, 1B1B and 2B2B in price ranges of 2600+, 3700+ and 4500+ (Gross Price). The studios in this building are large and comfortable room types.

This real estate is also the closest to all the food, and you can buy Starbucks, chipolites, Xi’an famous food, coffee shops, and various dining cars by turning left out of the building. 5 minutes walk to E, M, 7, G subway lines, more convenient to play on weekends. You can go to Times Square/Flushing/DUMBO. Walk 6 minutes to E, M, R lines, and you can reach NYU/PARSONS/SVA within 30 minutes.

matter which building it is, it will bring you the best experience in LIC, and make everyone want to live here every year.

n’tKnowing which is the best choice for you, the editor has lived here for more than 8 years and 80% of the properties have lived in it. It is definitely the best choice for everyone with personal experience and experience!

Note: The prices mentioned above are all the original rent prices. The building will have different preferential policies in different periods, and the free month will be sent. Therefore, after the discount, the average monthly arrival price will be lower than the original Gross price. For specific preferential policies, please Contact us to help you confirm with the building.

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