Have You Learned How to Sublet in New York? 

Due to the recent tense epidemic, many friends in New York have returned to China or chose to temporarily move to other cities. Faced with vacant houses, the rent is also a big burden, so many people think of subletting the house. If you are a landlord, you may feel:1. A tenant is hard to find, and it is hard to find a reliable tenant.

2. The requirements of the New York building are complicated. In the face of negotiating with the building, how should we sublease it?

Are there many question marks on the heads of the children?

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Our subletting Business Scope

1. Find the right tenant

2. Negotiate specific check-in matters 

3. Help with drafting a sublease agreement

4. Key storage and handover room services can be provided

Video acceptance room

5. House Cleaning

6. Furniture cleaning and other services

Let you be in the United States or China

You can sublet without worry!

If you are a tenant, in fact, short-term rental is also a good option.

Because many landlords have vacant houses for various reasons, in order to reduce losses, they are likely to be willing to lower the price and sublet!

This is nothing more than good news for students who like to pick up leaks!

So how do you find a safe and cost-effective sublet?

At the same time, how to protect their legal rights?

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What are the methods of subletting?

1. Sublease/Sublet

The tenant needs to submit an application to the building. Most apartments allow sublease, and a written permission from the landlord or management is required. You can check the contract signed with the apartment before you move in, and there will be detailed terms and conditions. The management of the building will conduct a Background Check on the new students to ensure that the new students meet the qualification requirements of the apartment. The cost of this process is mainly the application fee. New students need to pay rent, security deposit and other related expenses to the landlord.

2. Release your responsibility to the rental contract Lease Swap

The question that many students are most concerned about when subletting: “Can I be completely divorced from this rental contract?” This is generally called lease swap (replacement contract)

If the time of subletting is relatively long, you can release all responsibilities of yourself and the rental contract by changing the method of Leaseholder and reduce the risk. But many buildings do not allow it. In addition to completing the building application process for new tenants, adding or removing leaseholders generally incurs additional costs.

3. The landlord can also make the sublet tenant a legal occupant Occupant

In addition to the above relatively complicated process, you can also sublease by adding an occupant (co-occupant), so that you only need to let the students who will move in later submit an application as an occupant, pay the application fee, and then you can move in smoothly. General buildings only need to register the basic information of Occupant, without management approval or background check, which is relatively easy and simple. If the rental period is relatively short, or short-term rental between friends, this is the easiest and easiest way to choose. It is recommended that both parties sign an agreement before subletting.

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