New York freshman must-see | The most comprehensive New York rental manual in history

Hi! How are you guys doing lately? After the epidemic, New York has gradually returned to normal. All schools, restaurants, and offices are gradually recovering! Many friends have also received offers one after another and are ready to study in New York. Congratulations!

So for those who plan to come to New York, whether they go to school or work, the problem they have to face is the problem of renting in New York. Today, I want to tell you about the basics that you need to pay attention to when renting in New York . After all, New York, a special city, is different from renting in other cities!

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#New York Rental Common Area Introduction

Manhattan Manhattan

1.Downtown, which is the financial center of New York, is located in the World Trade Center and Wall Street area, suitable for office workers in Wall st, or students of Pace University and NYU Tandon ; Dontown has relatively concentrated rental properties, and many buildings are changed by Office. The building as a whole will look old, and there is no washer and dryer in some buildings. 

The real estate in wall st is relatively high because the surrounding houses are built relatively high, so there are not too many houses with good views. Of course, there are also some relatively new buildings here. The conditions and facilities of the houses are very good, but the prices are relatively expensive.

2. Midtown, about 14-59th Street, that is, Penn Station, Times Square, Fifth Avenue, most of the luxury buildings are concentrated in midtown west, which is a good place for quietness in the middle of the hustle and bustle . The second choice ; Midtown West is a more fashionable place. There are many new buildings on the west side of the river, and most of them are young office workers and students. The facilities and services of the newer luxury buildings are relatively complete , but it may be walking distance from the subway station. farther away.

3. Upper westside and Upper eastside, about 60-96th Street, upper west is simply the dormitory of Columbia University students, walking to school is not a dream ; and the old house in upper east has a different flavor.

However, the rent in Manhattan is always staggeringly high, and many people choose to live in the surrounding area, but they often ask cute if these places are safe and convenient. Let’s clear up your prejudice here

Long Island City

LIC is the most popular area for international students in New York in recent years . The environment is beautiful, the public security is good, the geographical location is excellent, the transportation is convenient, and the rent is slightly cheaper than Manhattan, which is very suitable for international students to live .

The most recent development of LIC is the core area, which includes subway stations: queens plaza, queensboro plaza, and court sq. There are 7 subway lines nearby, and it takes 15 minutes to reach Midtown Manhattan .

The building is new, the facilities are good, and the price is cost-effective . It is a popular option for students to rent in recent years. This area only takes 30 minutes to go to NYU, Parsons and other schools, and it is even closer to Fordham. Among them, well-known real estate: Hayden, 1 QPS, Jackson Park, Eagle Lofts and other luxury buildings are very popular.

The surrounding life is very convenient . Xi’an famous food , milk tea shops and supermarkets that are the favorite of international students are all available . This location also makes it easy to order the most complete Chinese takeaway in Flushing. It only takes 30 minutes to get to Flushing!


Downtown Brooklyn, relatively safe. There are also complete living facilities there. Since many high-end residences have been built there, patrols are also frequent, and the security has been strengthened a lot. In recent years, the newly built and modern rental building has complete supporting facilities and is within walking distance from NYU Tondon and Parsons.

Roosevelt Island

An independent slender island to the east of MANHATTAN, the island’s security is very good, and the crime rate is 0. There is a free little red bus to take people to the cable car or subway station, and take the cable car directly to the F line subway station. The rent is generally cheaper than Manhattan/LIC/Downtown Brooklyn . The disadvantage is that the traffic is relatively inconvenient. There is only one F subway station, and the subway sometimes stops on holidays.

Jersey City 

(New Port, Grove St, etc.)

Jersey City is only separated by a river from the Isle of Man. The surrounding environment is safe and quiet, and the basic supporting facilities are complete . It has bj wholesale, Dahua supermarket, large shopping malls and green plants in parks and other supporting facilities. jersey city is mainly composed of 4 areas, namely Newport, Exchange Place, Grove St, and Journal Square. Each area has a subway station .

Newport is close to the river and has beautiful scenery. The supporting facilities include a large shopping mall, beaches and parks. The exchange place is also by the river, and there are many office buildings and luxury apartment buildings. Grove st is the most life-like area, with 99 Dahua supermarkets and many restaurant options. Grove st is mainly a low-rise residential area, but there are also many high-end rental buildings, such as 235 Grand and 50/70/90 columbus. Journal square is still in the stage of development, leasing luxury buildings, but there is a luxury building in journal squared, which is very popular among New York students. There is a subway station downstairs, which is convenient for travel.

New York Rental Common Apartment

Studio type : studio means a large suite. Friends who want to live alone will choose studio, which is basically divided into kitchen + bathroom + living area. Some buildings also have a large-space studio, called Alcove Studio, and sleeping area, but living area It will not be separated from the sleeping area, which is more suitable for couples to live.

1B1B unit type : the full name is 1 bedroom 1 bathroom, which is what we generally call one bedroom and one living room

2B2B Apartment Type : two bedrooms and two bathrooms. After dividing the living room into a bedroom, three students can share the rent. Students who live in the master bedroom can use the bathroom of the master bedroom alone, and relatively need to share more room fees. The second bedroom and the living room The students share the big bathroom, and the students in the second bedroom have to pay more for the room than the students in the living room.

3B2B Type : three bedrooms and two bathrooms, suitable for three people to live in, everyone has a separate bedroom, but only those who live in the master bedroom have a separate bathroom, and the rest need to share a bathroom

#New Yorkrental Q&A#

#Q: if i want to rent | How far in advance is it better for me to see the property ?

A: Generally, buildings release their houses 30-60 days in advance , and summer houses are basically released in May-June.

#Q: Can I see the room at night?

The closing time of the building’s Leasing Office is 6-7 pm, so it is a pity that we can’t see the room late.

But ACRE NY will also serve you on weekends~

Babies who are usually busy with work or school can choose to go to the house with us on weekends.

: What is included in the rent?

Generally speaking, the monthly rent, in addition to the housing rent, also includes water and gas. Electricity and network need to be paid for by opening the well. The network fee ranges from $70-$100, and the electricity fee depends on the monthly usage, usually more in summer

#Q: Is there furniture in the room?

The buildings on this side of New York are generally managed by a unified management company. After the lease, the building needs to be cleaned, repainted, repaired, etc., and the furniture must be emptied. Therefore, most apartments are unfurnished . Everyone arranges it by themselves before moving in.

Acre’s little brothers and sisters will guide you how to buy furniture, and will also provide corresponding rental packages to make it more convenient for you to buy furniture . The most convenient way is to pre-order some furniture on Amazon, or buy it immediately after arriving in New York

#Q: I’m out of state/domestic, | I can’t come to New York to see a house, what should I do?

Don’t worry! We have a professional video viewing service , which will introduce the house comprehensively at one time while video recording, not only taking pictures of the room. Also photograph the building facilities! Let you have a more detailed understanding of sublease information and rent more assuredly!

We also provide live video delivery service . Every time we hand over customers, we can live video to show the condition of the house, so that the homeowner can grasp the most real first-hand information to avoid unnecessary losses.

#Q: How long does it take to rent a house in New York?

The basic lease term in New York is generally 12 months , but many apartments in New York will adopt the “monthly delivery” system , that is, on the original basis, pay the original rent for 12 months, and send an additional 1-2 months to live for free without paying any money. So the total lease may be 13-14 months. Because of this monthly delivery system, the same room corresponds to two prices, namely the original rent price (gross price) and the discounted price (net price ) .

For example, if a house costs $4,000, the gross price is $4,000, the net price is 4,000 × 12 ÷ 13 = about $3,692, and the annual rent is 4,000 × 12 or about 3,692 × 13 = $48,000. The price marked in the advertisement of the real estate consultant is generally the net price after the discount.

#Q: If the budget is not enough, do you recommend living in the living room? | What is the experience of living in the living room ?

Living in the living room is a good option if your budget is not enough. New York is very expensive. Many people choose to share roommates. In many cases, three people live in a two-bedroom apartment. At this time, one person will live in the living room. The living room can be partitioned by a series of methods, which can ensure your privacy to a certain extent , and the price of living in the living room will be cheaper than living in the bedroom, and the scenery and lighting will be better.

#Q: Find a roommate to share a lease with, | How is the rent allocated? | If the living room is used as a partition, can the whole wall be used? | How much does the partition cost?

The difference between the living room and the bedroom of 1b is generally $150-$200; the difference between the living room and the second bedroom of 2b is $200, and the difference between the second bedroom and the master bedroom is $200. This is our suggested price! It can actually be adjusted according to the size of the room or the difficulty of matching roommates.

Since the living room can be lived in, roommates in the living room sometimes choose to partition their living area, which not only has their own space, but also increases privacy. Most buildings do not accept a full wall (that is, a ceiling-type partition) in the living room. A 12-foot gap needs to be reserved from the partition to the ceiling.

At present, the buildings that accept the full wall in New York include Herald Towers (Midtown), The Max (Midtown), The Paris (Upper West) and so on. 
Generally, the cost of buying a cabinet to make a simple partition is about $200-$300; ​​if you find a professional partition company, the cost ranges from $800-$1,200; remember not to damage the original wall when partitioning, otherwise the building will deduct the deposit~

Note that 
there is a shared risk commitment in shared housing .

#Q: In addition to rent, deposit, rent in New York | There are additional charges or | Brokerage fee?

About the agency fee: Most of the rental apartments in New York are rented by the building party to pay the agency fee, that is , the price is exactly the same if you rent it yourself, but the efficiency is not high and you can’t rent the house . At this time, you need to contact a broker’s real estate sales consultant to rent a house. It is not only convenient to grab a house, but also efficient and does not cost extra.

The reason for this is that there are very few staff in the building, there are too many people renting in New York every day, coupled with the language and situation, the rental process is very complicated, and the building does not have the time and energy to serve all customers. Therefore, a licensed real estate consultant in New York will help you solve problems and apply for a house.

For additional fees, the application fee: each building has an application fee. The application fee for the New York building is generally about $20, and the application fee for the New Jersey building ranges from $75 to $100 . It is used for the background check of the building. If you find a house you like, you need to fill in the application online first and pay the application fee.

After the building receives your application, the house will temporarily keep it for you and will not give it to others. You need to complete the rest of the application process within 3-5 days. The application fee is non-refundable once received by the building.

#Q: Are pets allowed in New York apartments?

OK. Most of the buildings are pet friendly, and even some buildings have dog parks, and of course there are buildings that only support cats. Specific needs need to be asked when consulting.

#Q: New York’s real estate generally | What are the requirements?

some. Generally well-managed mid-to-high-end real estate needs to meet a good credit record, no criminal record, and a good annual income

The income is 40-45 times the rent .

#Q: Do you have no credit / not enough income? | For example, how do students meet the check-in requirements? | What about the conditions?

At present, most of the mid-to-high-end properties in New York City are basically above 95% . The policy for international students/people whose income does not meet the 45 times the rent requirement has been changed to mandatory purchase of occupancy guarantee insurance, and does not accept one-time prepayment or overpayment form of deposit .

So why do you need to buy warranty insurance? 
The main reason is that the 
United States is a country with a credit system . Landlords have a strict screening mechanism for tenants. If there is no credit or no income, there is no way to rent normally. 
In this case, the tenant is required to purchase insurance through a guarantee company as a guarantee, which means that if the tenant does not pay the rent, the guarantee company needs to compensate the landlord for the loss. 
This is the role of guarantee insurance.

So why doesn’t the building accept a one-time prepayment of one year’s rent? 
In fact, the good intention of the government’s reform is to protect tenants, because it is actually a very big economic pressure to give one-year rent to local tenants in the United States. 
To protect tenants and for tax clearing reasons, the policy has been reformed to not allow a one-time prepayment of rent .

In addition to New York City, 
New Jersey City can accept other
In the form of renting, for example, an overpayment of the deposit, or a one-time prepayment of one year’s rent .

#Q: In addition to purchasing guarantee insurance | Is there any other way I can | What about the guarantee?

The answer is yes. You can also use a personal guarantor. The guarantor needs to have a tax return record in the United States , and the tax return amount meets 80 times the house rent . For example, for a house with a monthly rent of US$4,000, the annual income of the guarantor needs to exceed US$320,000. The personal guarantor needs to fill in the application form together with the renter and submit personal materials for review. The name of the guarantor will also appear in the contract at the end, which needs to be signed for confirmation.

#Q: What documents do I need to prepare for a rental agreement ?

International students:

– Documents proving valid identity: 120+ Passport home page + visa (must be valid during the rental period)

– Documents to prove enrollment/0PT: Enrollment letter/Offer Letter/School schedule/EAD card of the school

-Proof of valid bank information in the United States: Bank Statement of the latest issue (can be downloaded from Internet Banking)

-Landlord reference Letter (required for some properties): Proof of previous residence, which can be the building’s rent history/recommendation letter written by the previous landlord/payment record of the previous dormitory

#Q: If I see a house I like | I’m missing a roommate, I can grab it first | Is the house slowly looking for roommates?

This is completely possible. If the roommate is not complete, you can apply for a house first, temporarily hold the house in your hand for a few days, and continue to find roommates. After grabbing, there will be the following situations:

A. Successfully find a suitable roommate within 3 days, directly ask the new roommate to also submit the application, and everyone will sign the contract and pay together.

B. When I went to the building to urge the signing of the contract and payment, there was no suitable roommate for the time being. At this time, the existing roommates can sign the contract first, pay the payment in full, and slowly continue to find roommates. No matter when they find them in the future, they can contact the building to add a new roommate to the contract. Advance roommate.

C. When I went to the building to sign the contract and pay the fee, there was no suitable roommate for the time being. The roommates who have applied decided to change to a small apartment, so there is no need to find a roommate. For this, you can contact our sales consultant to help you communicate with the building and change A suitable house on the same floor.

D. When urging the building to sign the contract and pay the fee, there is no suitable roommate for the time being. The roommate who has applied for it decides to give up the house or choose to sign a new room. Then the house will go back on the market and the application fee building will not be refunded.

All of these situations may exist, and everyone should consider it according to their own situation. During this process, everyone can communicate closely with the real estate agent .

#Q: When will the rent be paid after signing the contract?

Generally , it is required to pay within one week after signing the contract and one month

rent and one month’s security deposit . Payment can be made online on the building’s official payment platform or by issuing a Bank Certified Check bank cheque for delivery.

#Q: When can I move in? | Do I need an appointment to move?

After completing the application process and signing the rental contract, you can move in on the first day of the contract. If you have large furniture when moving, you need to make an elevator reservation with the building management office . If you move at the end of the month, it is recommended to make an appointment early~ The appointment method is also very simple, you can directly contact the Management Office of the building ~ The reserved elevator can be used for two hours

#Q: Will the rent go up if I renew the lease?

In order to be more attractive, many buildings will give 1-2 months of free rent for new residents in the first year of occupancy. However , when the lease is renewed, it is no longer free, so the rent will be higher than the previous year .

New York is a good place for an inch of money, and it is inevitable to increase the rent~

#Q: Can the apartment be sublet?

sure! Acre NY has a professional subletting service that can help you quickly find the next tenant to take over the lease.

The above is all the content of our New York freshman renting house, full of dry goods, hurry up and get up~

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