New York rental process big analysis! What preparations do I need to make before renting?

Recently, F and W study visas have been opened. Students, prepare for the upcoming new semester in New York! In the last issue, Acre’s sales executives introduced the basic situation of renting in New York and the rental area. This article will continue to dissect the whole process of renting in New York in detail and answer common questions before renting. Scroll down to start taking notes!

New York renting process

01 Understand

Understand the listings information according to their own needs, and the prices of listings fluctuate with different seasons and the market. Manhattan listings typically have around 30 days of listings, Long Island City and Brooklyn typically have 60-day listings, and New Jersey can occasionally encounter 90-day listings.

02 Appointment for viewing:

Appointment for viewing, you need to provide personal information: name, phone number, and Email to make an appointment for viewing. Please remember to bring your ID on the day of the viewing. The building will record the identity of the house visitors, especially after the epidemic, the management is particularly strict.

03 Submit application:

If you find a house you like, you can apply online, and submit your personal materials and apply for insurance within 48 hours.

04 Signing the contract and paying the rent:

Signing the contract and paying the rent, the building will send a contract to the applicant. The applicant needs to sign the tenancy agreement and pay one month’s rent and deposit within one week.

05 If by ID:

If by ID, please contact the building management office about a week before check-in to make an appointment for freight elevator moving. On the day of check-in, collect the key with the applicant ID at the front desk/management office.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pre-Renting:

In New York In order to help you understand the process of renting in New York in more detail, Acre’s executives have listed six common problems that everyone encountered before renting in New York based on their years of rental services and real estate experience! Knock on the blackboard! If you have more rental questions, you are welcome to consult Acre’s professional brokers at any time!

Q1 If I want to rent a house, how long in advance should I see the house?

Generally speaking, Manhattan and Downtown BK are 30-45 days in advance. LIC Long Island City, New Jersey, if it is true, there are listings 60-90 days in advance.

Q2 Can i see the room at night?

The building’s Leasing Office closes at 6-7pm, so unfortunately it’s too late to be able to see the property. but! ! ACRE NY will also serve you on weekends~ Babies who are usually busy with work or school can choose to visit us on weekends~

Q3 What is included in the rent? Is there furniture in the room?

The general monthly rent, in addition to the housing rent, generally includes water and gas, and electricity and Internet need to be opened and paid by yourself. The network fee ranges from $70-$100, and the electricity fee is based on monthly usage, usually more in summer.

Most apartments are unfurnished and you need to buy them yourself before moving in. But there are also some hotel-managed buildings like Alta+ that offer out-of-the-box apartments, even towels!

The most convenient way to buy furniture is IKEA. Of course, there are also many Chinese furniture manufacturers, and you can place an order on WeChat! The second-hand furniture WeChat trading group is also very active, you can contact our customer service: acrenyc1 to join the group!

Q4 What does Net Price and Gross Price mean?

Gross Price is the original price of the house, while Net Price refers to the price after some concessions given by some buildings in a specific month. These buildings will give 1-2 months of free, spread out to the monthly price. However, when actually paying the rent, assuming that the building provides a one-year lease term for one month for free, usually there is no need to pay the rent for the first month, and then it is paid according to the Gross Price every month.

(Net Price is equivalent to Gross price*12/ 13)

Q5 I am out of state/domestic and can’t come to New York for viewing, what should I do?

Do not worry! We have a professional video viewing service~ We will introduce the house comprehensively at one time while video recording, not only shooting the real situation of the room, but also shooting the building facilities! Let you have a more detailed understanding of sublease information and rent more assuredly!

We also provide live video delivery service. Every time we hand over customers, we can live video to show the condition of the house, so that the homeowner can grasp the most real first-hand information to avoid unnecessary losses.

Q6 Looking for roommates to share the rent together, how to distribute the rent? If the living room is used as a partition, can the whole wall be used? How much does the partition cost?

The difference between the living room and the bedroom of 1b is generally $150-$200; the difference between the living room and the second bedroom of 2b is $200, and the difference between the second bedroom and the master bedroom is $200. This is our suggested price! In fact, you can make corresponding adjustments according to the size of the room or the difficulty of matching roommates.

Since it is said that the living room can live in people, the roommates in the living room sometimes choose to separate their living areas, so that they not only have their own space, but also increase privacy. Most buildings do not accept a full wall (that is, a ceiling-type partition) in the living room. A 12-foot gap needs to be reserved from the partition to the ceiling. At present, the buildings that accept the full wall in New York include Herald Towers (Midtown), The Max (Midtown), The Paris (Upper West) and so on.

Generally, the cost of buying a cabinet to make a simple partition is about $200-$300; ​​if you find a professional partition company, the cost ranges from $800-$1,200; remember not to damage the original wall when partitioning, otherwise the building will deduct the deposit.

In addition to the problems we listed above, we understand that the situations of our classmates and friends are different. We welcome you to join our internal group chat to discuss and analyze the rental experience. Acre professional brokers will also share the first Hand property information and rental package!