New York rental strategy | How to easily partition the living room?

With the arrival of the school season in September, many children’s shoes are facing the situation of sharing with roommates. And how to partition the living room of the New York apartment is something that many children’s shoes must understand! Today, the editor specially invited Acre NY agent CoCo Bingbing to do a Q&A in the New York living room for everyone!

you need to make roommates, those who understand the partition can enter the group.

01 What are the advantages of living in the living room?

In fact, when many people first heard about living in the living room, their first reaction was to refuse. But we can look at this floor plan. In fact, the area of ​​the living room after the partition is not smaller than that of the bedroom. In addition, some living rooms even have corner views or floor-to-ceiling windows. The view and lighting will also be much better than the bedroom. the most important point is. According to the proportion of the market rent, the living room will be much cheaper than the bedroom. Compared with the layout of the bedroom, the living room usually has more space for DIY, placing more furniture and decoration.

02 What is a partition and why do you need a partition ?

First of all, the housing prices in New York are indeed very expensive, so sharing roommates has become everyone’s first choice for renting. Two people living in one bedroom or three people living in 2 bedrooms are also common choices. This also caused one of the roommates to choose the living room. After all, the living room is an open space. When you want to convert this space into a private small space, you need a “partition” to separate this area.

The partition will re-plan the original layout, making life with roommates more reasonable. Under the premise that everyone has private space, maximize the use of living space!

03 So how to choose the partition?

1. A professional partition company:

A professional partition company is like the name “partition”, which is to add a wall to the original room for partitioning. In terms of practicality and effect, a professional partition company is definitely the one that best meets the needs of customers. They can provide personalized settings, such as the partition wall mentioned above, which is an additional wall that is thinner than ordinary walls, or can be a cabinet made of partitions, which solves the problem of no storage space in the living room. You can also choose to install a door or a curtain to become a small space in the true sense. Relatively speaking, this is the most expensive option.

Cost range:

The most basic wall cost is about $800. According to the basic situation of the market, the basic wall cost is divided equally by all roommates. If you want to add a ceiling, or select materials, etc., these additional costs will be borne by the living room roommates themselves.


When it comes to capping, there is one more fire-fighting regulation.

In fact, many buildings in New York definitely refuse to allow guests to hit the partition wall. The first point is to worry about breaking the loop. Another point is the fire problem. Because many New York building living rooms have only one fire alarm. If the whole wall is hit, it may be difficult to find in the event of a fire. Therefore, the general partition company will leave a gap of 30-50cm on the top of the partition to ensure the normal operation of the fire protection system.

2. Wardrobe type partition:

Since the partition company can use the partition wall in the storage compartment mode to solve the problem of storage space, then we can directly think: Should I just buy a wardrobe partition and solve it?

Of course it is! It is also an affordable option for many international students. For example, there are many large wardrobes or large bookcases on ikea or amazon. Buy two and join them directly, which not only solves the problem of partition, but also solves the problem of storage. And the cost is not expensive~ Basically, a cabinet of 100-200 knives can perfectly solve the partition needs.

3. Screens or curtains:

At this time, there must be people asking: Is there a cheaper option? Of course there is! Screens or curtains are a good option. The advantage of these two partitions is that they can completely DIY their own small areas, which can be regarded as high-quality and inexpensive options! Of course you get what you pay for. If you want to use these two to achieve high-quality sound insulation and other effects, it still needs to be considered.

04 Conclusion

Okay, the above is the popular science of all common partitions. In a place like New York where the land is expensive, the living room is really a very affordable choice according to its own conditions.

Written at the end:

There is another very important point: according to the different policies of the building, the requirements for partitions are slightly different. Be sure to ask your intermediary and the building whether it is possible to partition. I hope this video is helpful to everyone. ! If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comment area, and Acre NY will answer them one by one. See you next time!

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