The groundbreaking ceremony for the Athena LIC project, a luxury condominium in Long Island City, was a perfect success!

On August 25, 2021, we witnessed the groundbreaking ceremony of an apartment. From its initial ground-breaking birth, the first shovel that fell, to the process of gradually changing from design drawings to reality, we can foresee that when it is completed, it will have a great impact on the surrounding area. A huge change in the community environment.

Athena LIC is such an attractive meeting point, and the surrounding environment is different because of its backdrop. From its exterior to the interior’s sophisticated and modern design, its future residents will enjoy the high end of Long Island City. Comfortable living experience!

Athena LIC Project


Acre NY is honored to participate in the “long island city core area project of Long Island City – “Foundation Laying Ceremony of Athena LIC”.

This marks a high-end boutique residential project independently developed by ZL Capital. The construction of Athena LIC officially kicked off. The project has been selected from the site, and since its demolition, it has received extensive attention from all walks of life.

Athena LIC

Project Address: 2720 42nd Road, Long Island City, NY 11101

Number of Floors: 9

Residential Units: 51 Set

of building facilities: Gym, full-time doorman, children’s room, leisure room, outdoor garden, bicycle room, storage room.

Expected completion: 18-24 months (2023)

Excellent location

Highlights 1

Life: Athena LIC is located in the whole The most rapidly developing area in New York – the core area of ​​Long Island City, there are a total of 8 subway stations nearby. It only takes five minutes to reach the Fifth Avenue shopping center in Manhattan. There are three large supermarket chains and many large office buildings nearby. Meimei Plaza, Art Museum, etc. There are all the convenient living facilities here

Crowd: LIC Long Island City is one of the most concerned real estate markets in New York in recent years. Since 2014, major real estate developers have rushed to enter this market. A piece of treasure land, among which TFC, Rockrose, and Drust have successively developed several high-end rental properties in this area. These properties have attracted a large number of young white-collar workers and students working in Manhattan, making LIC full of urban vitality!

Enterprise: Long Island As the core area of ​​Queens, New York, the city has developed rapidly in the past ten years. It has attracted the attention of a large number of investors and enterprises. In 2019 alone, Macy’s, Estee Lauder Group, The New York Times, and insurance company Centene have all chosen Moving its office to this fast-growing Long Island City area has injected infinite new economic vitality and appreciation potential into the area.

Future: With the introduction of high-quality talents brought by the settlement of enterprises, with the upgrading and improvement of surrounding supporting facilities , the future development of Long Island City will be prosperous. The location of Athena LIC is located in the most central area of ​​Long Island City, close to the large-scale Grade A office buildings and high-end rental apartments of Tishman Speyer. It is only 3 minutes away from the subway station. The unique location is One of the biggest highlights of the project.

World-class design masters and a professional development team:

#Project Highlight 2

Its design is carried out by the world-renowned well-known architect-Ismeal Leyva, whose architectural design works are all over the world. Among them, there are well-known architects in New York. One of the most high-end residences – 15 Hudson Yards, Time Warner Center, etc.

The interior and exterior design of Athena LIC are all designed by him. The concept is a perfect combination of modern technology and comfortable and classic quality of life. Colors are composed of calm basic colors Dominant, with atmospheric gold as an embellishment. The exterior features an all-glass design with a modern feel.

Athena LIC

Athena LIC Developer:

Zhaolong Capital, founded in 2017, is a pioneering enterprise dedicated to investment and primary market real estate investment and development in New York City.

Real estate fund issuer: 

WeBuild is a New York City real estate fund issuer founded in 2020. Committed to creating innovative investor-project relationships, providing high-quality and stable real estate fund projects for the masses.

Smart Home and the Future

#Project Highlight 3


​​What differentiates LIC from any other luxury condominium is its advanced smart home control functions and new energy technology facilities.

Athena LIC indoor appliances and lighting are all synchronized with the network, allowing residents to remotely control any appliance and indoor lighting from anywhere in the world.

The solar power supply installed in the facilities in the building and the Tesla Starlink satellite wireless network technology provide emergency energy reserves while ensuring the use of green new energy. It can also ensure the electricity and network needs of the residents when New York encounters extreme weather.

High ceilings, full of sense of space:

#Project Highlight 4

The roofs of all houses in this project are much higher than the New York City standard of 8”8, and the house floor heights range from 10”1-11”4. In other words, the storey height can reach up to 3.5 meters. The developer’s design is to allow occupants to have a higher quality of life and enjoy a wider sense of space.

/ Partial style style/


Athena LIC project also marks a new height for high-end residences in Long Island City, New York, and also marks a new height for Zhaolong Capital’s strength.

Here Acre NY is sincerely looking forward to and excited about the groundbreaking of the Athena LIC project. Zhaolong Capital will bring not only a high-end boutique apartment, but a new interpretation of the exquisite life in Long Island City. This ceremony is even more fortunate for our customers to have such an apartment in the future!

-If you are interested in the project or have questions, please feel free to contact ACRE NY!