The latest recommendation for renting houses around Columbia University, schoolmates and schoolmates, hurry up and collect them!

Columbia University, as the only university with a campus in Manhattan, is located in the Morningside Heights area of ​​uptown Manhattan, New York, USA. It is a quiet and warm existence in the bustling New York.

Apartments near Columbia are mostly concentrated on W 80th St-W130 St, with the sparkling water of the Hudson River to the west, the greenery of Central Park to the east, and the neighborhood is filled with thick homes. of comfort and tranquility. Despite being located in the heart of Manhattan, New York, the Upper West Side residences miraculously have a suburban vibe.

People who live on the Upper West Side spend their day on the Wall Street Stock Exchange battling for stocks, and at night they’re listening to the sounds of nature at the Metropolitan Opera. It is a unique way of life for people in the Upper West Side to find their own artistic holy land in the infinite prosperity.

Most of the houses near the Upper West Side of New York have a sense of age, so many students feel a little uneasy about the safety and environment of rental apartments near the school. Today, I will take you to learn more about the surrounding environment of Columbia University and high-quality housing.

Source recommendation:

01 The Enclave:

The Enclave is one of the most popular apartments for Columbia students. It is one of the few Luxury Apartment that can be walked to the Columbia campus. It was completed in 2016 and has a total of 15 floors and 428 Units. Located next to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, the building is equipped with large floor-to-ceiling windows and can enjoy the view of the entire Morningside Park. The excellent location adjacent to the church and the apartment has a view of the cathedral and the city skyline. It is rare in the noisy city.

Quiet corner

Amenities: 24-hour concierge service, multi-purpose fitness center, art gallery, rooftop viewing deck, private meeting/movie room, outdoor BBQ area, and indoor garage

Indoor amenities: Refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher, stainless steel sink, Quartzite counters, oven/flameless cooktop, washer/dryer, master bedroom with walk-in closet, modern bathroom with shower and tub, oversized floor-to-ceiling windows, sophisticated finishes and oversized event space

Transportation: 3-walk 5 minutes to Columbia campus (only 2 intersections), 5 minutes walk to the subway station (Metro 1, A, B, C lines), which can directly reach Midtown Times Square in Manhattan, Downtown China Town), there is a supermarket downstairs or walk 7 minutes to H Mart, there are many Chinese and fast food restaurants around, banks and pharmacies around, which is very convenient.

Address: 30 Morningside Dr, New York, NY 10025.

Reference Price:

Studio: (380sq.ft-468sq.ft): $2,369~$2,850.

1B1B: (753sq.ft-1229sq.ft): $3,500~$5,100.

2B2B: (777sq.ft-1088sq.ft) : $4,196~$5,269.

3B3B: (1312sq.ft~1584sq.ft):$6,731$~$8,640.

02  Morning Side:

Dr is a Luxury Apartment surrounded by landscaped gardens. It was fully renovated in 2019. It has 9 floors and a total of 204 units. It is said to be the best decorated luxury rental apartment near Columbia. The location of Morningside park alone makes the apartment quiet. It is a castle-style building. The ceiling height of each house exceeds 11 feet. And the panoramic view of Central Park, and some units are equipped with private balconies facing Central Park, which is very suitable for students who have requirements for apartment facilities and new and old.

Apartment facilities: 24-hour concierge service, super atmosphere two-story library lounge, one Full-floor multi-purpose fitness center with yoga room and sauna, outdoor walking garden, rooftop barbecue platform, billiards room, pet spa ~

Indoor amenities:

11-foot ceilings, selected wood floors, Nest indoor smart thermostat, central Heating/cooling, smart access control system, indoor washer/dryer, cabinet refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwasher, quartz countertop, oven/no open flame cooktop, oversized bathroom glass, modern bathroom renovation, shower/shower/tub The master bedroom has a walk-in closet.


3 minutes walk to Columbia campus (only 1 intersection), 6 minutes walk to the subway station (Subway Lines 1, A, B, C can go directly to Midtown Times Square in Manhattan, Downtown China Town), there are supermarkets, Banks, pharmacies and Chinese fast food restaurants are very convenient!

Address: 30 Morningside Dr, New York, NY 10025

Reference Price

Studio: (380sq.ft-468sq.ft): $2,369~$2,850.

1B1B: (753sq.ft-1229sq.ft): $3,500~$5,100.

2B2B: (777sq.ft-1088sq.ft) : $4,196~$5,269.

3B3B: (1312sq.ft~1584sq.ft):$6,731$~$8,640.

There are extra large units for rent. For details, please private message

03 1080 Amsterdam:

It s the off-campus dormitory of Columbia University, the only one with furniture near Columbia University Delivery service apartment This is why many Columbia students choose it, the refurbished hardwood floors and sunken living room make the interior look very warm, spacious living room and unique view, if you want to find an apartment close to Columbia If you want to rent a shared apartment, then it will be a good choice for you.

Apartment facilities:

24-hour concierge service, residents’ lounge, new multi-functional fitness center (yoga room), washing and drying room, bicycle storage room.

Amenities: Dishwasher, Microwave, Refrigerator, Oven/Gas Stove, Walk-In Closet, Modern Restroom Fitted With Shower.

Transportation: It takes only 3 minutes to walk to the Columbia campus, and only 5 minutes to walk to the subway station (it can go directly to the middle/lower Manhattan, which is very convenient). There are supermarkets, convenience stores, banks and pharmacies around the apartment, and there are many restaurants, which can be easily walked. arrive.

Address: 501 W 113th St, New York, NY 10025

Reference Price:

Studio: (380sq.ft-468sq.ft): $26,00~$3,200.

1B1B: (753sq.ft-1229sq.ft): $3,059~$3,112.

2B2B: (777sq.ft-1088sq) .ft): $4,700~$6,300.

There are also top-floor units and units with oversized balconies for rent

04  COSO’s apartment:

Coso company has more than 10 apartments in the Columbia area. Most of its apartments are located in 105st-109st, which is very convenient to travel. It is Columbia University. There are more affordable options among the nearby rental apartments. There are many options for apartment types, ranging from 1B to 5B. However, most of the coso apartments are not equipped with public facilities, which are not very suitable for students who require a gym or swimming pool. Most of the coso apartments are not very large, and the living room is generally uninhabitable, but all apartment types have complete infrastructure and high cost performance.

APARTMENT FACILITIES: The building is older but has been refurbished. The entrance to the building is gated and very secure.

Indoor facilities: Refrigerator, microwave oven, oven/natural gas stove, 40-inch TV.

Transportation: Some COSO apartments walk to Columbia University campus for 6-10 minutes (about 0.5miles), all can reach the subway station and supermarket within 5 minutes, next to the apartment Most of them have banks, pharmacies and Chinese/fast food restaurants.

Address: W 100th St to W 115th St

Reference price:

1 Bedroom type: $2,100~$2,400.

2 Bedroom type: $2,300~$2,600.

3 Bedroom type: $2,600~$2,800.

4 Bedroom type: $3,100~$3,300.

5 Bedroom type: $3,500~$3,700.

6 Bedroom type: 4,200~4,400.

Pros: The economic shared apartment is close to the Columbia campus, the community is quiet and safe, and the transportation is convenient.

Cons: No public facilities, old building.

05 Greystone Apartment:

Greystone is a hotel style luxury rental apartment located on West 91st St next to Central Park. The apartment has been completely refurbished and now has 363 units in 15 storeys. Many Columbia students and professors choose Greystone as their home. The location of the central apartment alone makes the apartment very quiet, and the apartment is surrounded by community facilities.

Amenities: 24-hour concierge service, resident lounge, bicycle parking, multi-purpose fitness center with cardio equipment and full weight training equipment, regular fitness classes every month. The rooftop deck overlooks New York City and the Hudson River, and yoga classes are held regularly in the rooftop event area.

Indoor Amenities: Dishwasher, Microwave, Refrigerator, Oven/Stovetop, Hardwood Floors, 11′ Ceilings and Central Air Conditioning, Walk-In Closets, Modern Bathroom Renovations.

Transportation: A 5-minute walk to the shuttle bus station of Columbia University, a 3-minute walk to the subway station (Line 1/2/3), there are supermarkets, banks, convenience stores, pharmacies and restaurants within a 2-minute walk of the apartment.

Address: 212 W 91st St, New York, NY 10024

Reference Price:

Studio: $2,250~$2,400.

1B1B: $3,400~$3,600.

06 Columbus Square:

It is only one street away from Central Park. Columbus Square luxury rental real estate is the choice of many Columbia students. The surrounding transportation of the apartment is convenient and the community facilities are developed. The luxurious room decoration and the top-level facilities in the building will make you fall in love with it at first sight. The apartment has a wide view and the breath of Manhattan life is unobstructed!

Condo Amenities: 24 hour concierge, bike storage, pet park, sky garden, BBQ area, indoor pool, media room, indoor parking, multi-purpose fitness center, sundeck, resident retreat.

Indoor Amenities: Double Door Refrigerator, Microwave, Dishwasher, Oven/Gas Range, 9′ Ceilings, Some Plans Have Balcony, Central Park/Hudson River Views, Floor-to-ceiling Windows, White Oak Floors, Walk-In Closet , In-room washer/dryer, modern kitchen and bathroom design.

Transportation: It takes only 3 minutes to walk to the shuttle bus station of Columbia University, and about 5 minutes to walk to the subway station (through Line C/B). There are convenience stores, restaurants, pharmacies, supermarkets and banks within 2 minutes of the apartment.

Address: 808 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10025

Reference price:

Studio: $3000.

1B1B: $4000.

2B2B: $6000.

Write at the end:

There are many small-scale real estate near Columbia campus (within 5 minutes walk to Columbia campus), the price is not fixed The average price is basically the same as that of COSO, but the facilities and decoration are newer, and most of them need to make reservations in advance.

Most of the apartment rents include water and gas, electricity and Internet are at their own expense (the specific situation depends on the situation of the building)

The houses in Columbia are very popular, and the best viewing date is around July.

Most of the apartments in New York are not available. Equipped with home, you need to buy it yourself. (You can contact customer service to enter the New York Furniture Group)

Materials to be prepared for signing the contract:

International students:

– Documents to prove that your identity is valid: I20+ Passport home page + Visa (must be valid during the lease period).

– Documents to prove that you are in school/OPT: the school’s Enrollment letter/ Offer Letter / Course Schedule / EAD Card.

– Proof of valid in the United States Bank Information: Bank Statement of the latest issue (can be downloaded from Internet Banking).

-Landlord reference Letter (required for some properties): Proof of previous residence, which can be rent of the building history/recommendation letters from previous landlords/payment records from previous dorms.


– Documents to prove your identity: Passport Homepage + Visa/ H1B/ EAD card/ US ID (must be valid during the rental period).

– Information to prove your job: Employment Letter Pay stubs (usually 3-4 issues).

– Proof of valid bank information in the United States: Bank Statement of the latest issue (can be downloaded from online banking).

-Landlord reference Letter (required for some properties): Proof of previous residence, which can be a building rent history / recommendation letter written by previous landlord / payment record of previous dormitory.

apartment occupancy credit review: generally well-managed mid-to-high-end real estate needs to meet a good credit record, no criminal record, and the annual income meets the rent of 40-45 times. The policy for international students/people whose income does not meet the 45 times the rent requirement has been changed to mandatory purchase of occupancy guarantee insurance, and does not accept the form of one-time prepayment or extra deposit. Acre has a professional cooperative insurance company to help you easily stay in

Acre benefits

Acre guests who successfully sign from June to September can get a cash gift card

Acre provides remote viewings, for students who are inconvenient to see homes at home and abroad Very convenient.

Acre guests who have successfully signed the contract can enjoy free airport pick-up/free moving service .

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