2022 The most complete Columbia rental strategy in history

In the last issue, the editor introduced the NYU freshman strategy. In this issue, the editor will talk to you about the rental strategy of Columbia University!

Columbia University is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Due to the limited number of dormitories in Columbia University each year, many students need to find a house off campus. When we come to New York for the first time, we must first find out what areas New York is divided into

#Q : What Areas Are New York divided into?

New York is relatively safe and suitable for international students to live in Manhattan (Upper West Side, Midtown and Lower Town), LIC Long Island City, Queens Queens, Roosevelt Island, Brooklyn and New Jersey around New York.

LIC Long Island City is located in the borough of Queens across the river east of Manhattan. Row Island is a small island halfway between Manhattan and Queens.

NP is located in New Jersey, just across the river west of Manhattan.

The Upper West Side stretches from near 70th Street to near Columbia, on the west side of Central Park.

Midtown stretches from Upper 1st Street to 60th Street in Manhattan, which covers well-known areas in the west: the Hudson yard area and the Columbus circle area, as well as the famous Koreatown in the middle. Wall Street below 1st Street and near the World Trade Exchange are down town.

The westernmost area of ​​Queens that is closest to Manhattan is LIC, which is short for Long Island City. There are 7 subway lines in this area, and the coverage is also very wide. You can reach Manhattan in one stop.

Luo Island is on the small island in the middle. The security on the island is very good, and the crime rate is 0. 
There is a free little red bus to take people to the cable car or subway station, and take the cable car directly to the F line subway station. 
The rent is generally cheaper than Manhattan/LIC/Downtown Brooklyn. The disadvantage is that the transportation is relatively inconvenient, and there is only one F subway station.

NP is the abbreviation of “Newport”. In the New Jersey area on the left side of Manhattan, the price is relatively low. A train path in New Jersey can reach Manhattan.

#Q: So Where Do College Students Live?

Many Columbia students live within 25th Street near the school , that is, from 90th Street to 124th Street . When you determine your budget and where you want to live, finding a house will be much more efficient.

Going to school on the right side of the dotted line needs to pass through Morningside Park. This park is not very safe at night , so everyone basically rents the house on the left side of the dotted line.

  Walking distance to the area closest to the school

 103rd Street – 124th Street

The advantage of rented houses in the area of ​​103rd Street-124th Street is that the price is relatively low. It is close to the school and can be reached on foot within 10-15 minutes. There are also supermarkets, restaurants and banks, and life is quite convenient.

The disadvantage is that most of them are relatively old, there is no gym and other facilities in the building, and the room area is too small

Of course, there are also a few famous luxury apartments in this area, such as enclave and 1080, which are expensive. They are just next door to the school. They need to grab a room, and there are few houses. 
Of course, in this area, our company also has many cost-effective, exclusive private listings with doorman, within 10 minutes walk to the school! 
! !

90th Street – 103rd Street near the school

Metro or walk to school within 15 minutes

The houses in this area are relatively new, and the rooms are larger. They are managed and maintained by a regular management company, and there are basically doormans, gyms, etc., to help everyone receive packages. If there is a problem, there is a 24-hour doorman to help solve it .

In terms of transportation, if you take the subway, you can get to the school in about 15 minutes.

According to New York’s policy, most buildings need to buy a guarantee, but the good news is that there are some buildings in this area that are exempt from guarantees and pay monthly rent unconditionally ! Save thousands in guarantee fees

In addition to the area within 25th Street near the school, there are also many students who choose to live in the Midtown area near Line 1. If you live in Midtown , it takes 25-30 minutes to take the subway to the school. The advantage is that the building has new facilities and is relatively convenient to go to school. . The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high.

Some students will also choose Long Island City and Luo Island. The advantage is that the price will be much lower than that of Midtown , and the building conditions can reach the same conditions as Midtown.

The disadvantage is that it takes about 40 minutes to take the subway.

#Q: What is the housing guarantee in Columbia.

Because of New York’s new policy, most buildings do not allow students to pay one year’s rent at one time and are forced to buy guarantees .

#Q: When does September start to sign ?| Is the house suitable?

Every July-August is the most expensive time to move in. Especially in August, the house is relatively more tense. If you can move in early in the middle of June or July 1st, you will have a lot of room to choose from and your monthly rent will be cheaper. At least $500-$800.

Walking distance to the area closest to the school 

103rd Street – 124th Street Listing Details


Living room $1900-$2000 budget

Second bedroom $2100-2200 budget

Master bedroom $2300-2500 budget

Studio: $3300-3700 for 1-2 people

1b1b: $4300-4600 for 2 people

2b1b: $5500-5700 for 3 people

2b2b: $6800-7200 for 3 people

Payment method: Buy guarantee, pay monthly rent to the building

If you have a high budget and want to pursue a certain quality of life, but also want to be close to the school , Enclave is definitely a good choice .

 Enclave is the most popular high-end rental apartment for Columbia students near Columbia. Completed and opened in 2016, 15 stories high, a total of 428

units. The interior is equipped with washing machine and dryer, floor-to-ceiling window design, good lighting.

The Enclave contains over 10,000 square feet of facilities, both interior and exterior. The roof deck of the Enclave faces south with a view

Cathedral and city skyline, plus a landscaped patio with BBQ station, outdoor garden, screen area and Morningside Park

(Morningside Park) direct view. Just next to the morning terrace is a lounge and café. Next to the Resident Art Museum

There is a games room, screening room and fitness center.

Transportation: 5 minutes walk to Columbia campus , 5 minutes to Metro BC Line, 7 minutes to Line 1.

30 Morningside

Living room $2000-$2200 budget

Second bedroom $2300-2500 budget

Master bedroom $2600-3000 budget

2b2b: $6500-6900 for 3 people

3b2b: $8600-9200 for 4 people

Payment method: Buy guarantee, or pay monthly rent to the building

The building was refurbished in 2019. The 
apartment type is packaged from studio to 3 rooms. There are 204 units in 9 floors .

Building facilities include: 24-hour concierge service, library, catering kitchen, residents’ bar and business center, gym with gym and sauna, children’s playroom, garden and rooftop, bicycle storage, billiards room, pet spa, On-unit washer/dryer and general laundry.

The interior of the room is equipped with a central air-conditioning smart door lock, and a washing machine and dryer. 
30 morningside is a relatively high-end and excellent rental property near Columbia.

Transportation: There are well-developed subway lines around the building. It takes 5 minutes to walk to Metro Line 1, and 7 minutes to Line B and C. 
It takes 6 minutes to walk to Columbia.

1080 Amsterdam

Per capita around $2100-2400

Living room $2000-2100 budget

Second bedroom $2200-2300 budget

Master bedroom $2400-2500 budget

Studio: $3450-3600 for 1-2 people

1b1b: $4000-4400 for 2 people

2b2b: 6400-6700 for 3 people

The 2015 building of 1080 Amsterdam. Located on the doorstep of the Columbia University campus, it is the second dormitory for Columbia students.

The newly renovated home features hardwood floors, a sunken living room, while still retaining the original aesthetic of the pre-war building.

The building has a 24-hour doorman, a gym, a laundry room, and the rental building in the Upper West District is more cost-effective. There are many supermarkets and restaurants around, and life is convenient.

4 minutes walk to Metro Line 1, 8 minutes to Metro Line B, C. It takes about 5 minutes to walk to Columbia University.


Per capita around $1450-1700

1b1b: $2700 for 2 people

2b1b: $3100-3400 for 2 people, with living room

3b1b/3b2b: $42000-4500 for 3 people, with living room

4b1b/4b2b: $5300-5800

5b2b: around $6550

Payment method: first pay a deposit of 1 month to get the house, apply for Rhino to guarantee monthly rent to the building

Coso is a rental community composed of several properties near Columbia. The properties are relatively old and the 
price is lower than other rental properties near Columbia.
Should be a lot . 
There are no washing machines and dryers in the building, and some buildings do not have elevators. 
Suitable for Columbia students with lower budgets.

It takes about 10 minutes to walk to the Columbia University campus, and about 5 minutes to walk to Metro Line 1.

Many Chinese students at Columbia choose to live in Coso, which is also known as Columbia’s 
“second dormitory” . 
If you live here, you can also meet many Chinese friends who can hang out together.

915 West End

Within a 13-minute walk to the school:

Per capita around $1700-1900

Living room budget around $1700

Budget around $1900 for the second bedroom

Master bedroom budget around $2100

915 west end is located on West 105th Street. It is definitely a very cost-effective building. The price is slightly cheaper than other buildings, but it has everything.

It is a 15-minute walk to the campus . There is not only a dishwasher, but also indoor drying and pet-friendly pets.

915W was designed by the famous architect Rosario Candel in the last century. 
After historical precipitation, it was renovated into a modern luxury apartment . 
The surrounding is also very convenient, there are many restaurants and supermarkets

Facilities: 24-hour doorman gym

The rest of the exclusive private property

Per capita around $1800-2000

Unit type 1b, 2b, 3b, etc.

Why are private listings more popular? One of the most important reasons is that some private listings can waive the guarantee fee

Secondly, these private properties are located in a good location, close to Columbia .

Third, these private listings have larger rooms and are less expensive than some luxury condos .

Acre NY has some exclusive private listings in the Columbia area. If you need private listings, you can contact our Acre NY real estate agent.

Areas close to the school,

Metro or walk to school within 15 minutes

92nd Street – 100th Street

2 Luxury Condos On 97th Street

Average price per person is around $1800-2100

Living room price budget around $1700-1800

Budget around $1900 for the second bedroom

Master bedroom price around $2100 budget

(The specific name can contact our real estate agent)

These two apartments are well-known high-end communities on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Each building will have a 24-hour doorman, which is very safe. 

The room is spacious and bright, with dishwasher, microwave and other appliances. The building is fully equipped and the price is beautiful.

The transportation is also very convenient, the subway can reach Columbia University in 15 minutes, and it takes 20 minutes to walk. The surrounding life is also very convenient, with supermarkets and restaurants.

Luxurious Condos with Free Breakfast on 96th Street

Unit type studio, 1b1b, 2b1b, 2b2b, contact sales to update and confirm the summer vacation housing.

The conditions are much better than some houses near the school, the rooms are spacious and bright, and the standard of luxury apartments .

The magic of this building is that from Monday to Friday, the building will provide free breakfast, in addition to the building has a 24-hour doorman, free gym, rooftop overlooking Manhattan.

The rooms in the building are also spacious and bright. It is very convenient to eat, drink and have fun around. Very close to the subway, extending in all directions, within 15 minutes to the school.

If you are interested in this mysterious building, please consult our real estate agent

91st Luxury Apartments Grey stone

Grey Stone is renovated from a luxury hotel. It is mainly studio and 1b1b. It is very convenient to go to school. It is signed in advance to move in in August.

The building has a 24-hour doorman, gym, billiards room, etc. Breakfast is also available in the building every Sunday

It takes 5 minutes to go out to Line 123, 10 minutes to the school, and the surrounding supermarkets, coffee shops and restaurants are very convenient.

Find our real estate agent to have the opportunity to guarantee-free, annual payment, first-hand housing!

 Overview of apartments in Midtown near Line 1

The Midtown area near Columbia is also a good accommodation option.

Midtown has a superior geographical location, well-developed four links, and is convenient to eat, drink, and play. In addition, there are many luxury apartments with complete facilities in Midtown. Living in Midtown is definitely a very good choice.

Best Quality Building 21 West End

About $2100-2900 per person

Studio per capita is about $3550-4700

21  West End is located on the Hudson River and 61st Street in downtown, 30 minutes by subway to Columbia

Building facilities with 24-hour security, indoor swimming pool, sky garden, gym, boxing gym, yoga studio, cinema

“Nearby” downstairs is Star Dad, Mortan William supermarket, Hudson Market Asian organic supermarket, etc. It only takes 10 minutes to go to the Columbus business district, there are Whole Food supermarkets and shopping malls, and you can go ice skating in Central Park in winter

The building has a free shuttle bus to pick up the subway station and provides free bicycles

“Transportation”: 15 minutes by car to the school; 13 minutes walk to Metro Line 1 directly to the school, the total time is 25-30 minutes

“Unit”: Studio 1B 2B

“Payment”: Support students to prepay for one year

101 West End

101 West End building to undergo a full refurbishment in 2019

The large-scale design of the rooms and the modern interior facilities make the building a new favorite for off-campus accommodation for Fordham students

The kitchen is equipped with an oversized refrigerator to meet the needs of stockpiling

Half-court basketball court, gym, small cinema

There is also a viewing party barbecue platform

Within 10 minutes walk to supermarkets such as Trader Joe and Whole foods

More AMC Cinemas 

Lincoln Center Arts Center

Transportation: 7 minutes walk to the school

Price: Studio $3200-3800 1B $3800-4900 2B $5600-6700

Payment: International students can buy a guaranteed monthly payment

VIA 57 West

About $2000-2700 per person

Studio per capita is about $3300-3900

Completed in 2016 and located on the Hudson River. A total of 32 storeys high, the unique exterior design makes VIA 57 WEST a riverside style

scene. May

Multi-family units with private patios. Spacious apartments, expansive amenities and lush private courtyards balance Manhattan’s vibrancy  with the serene nature.

The building is rich in amenities, with a state-of-the-art gymnasium, a 25-yard swimming pool, and a central garden oasis that enhance the living experience through residents. The building provides a free commuter car that can easily go to the nearby subway station

Columbia College Students’ New Love Base The MAX

About $1800-2600 per person for co-living, about $3400 per person for studio

A new luxury apartment opened in 2018 is one of the largest luxury apartment buildings in Manhattan, with thousands of apartments ranging from studio to 3

The bedroom is readily available, and the room size is generally larger than the average building! The building is located near the Hudson River, just a few steps away

You can walk to the river and enjoy the view.

Nearby is Whole Foods, the largest organic food chain supermarket in the United States, and a ten-minute walk to an important business district in Manhattan – Columbus Circle, which is also the campus of Fordham/NYIT. Including major brand-name stores and various shops, and even several famous restaurants with three Michelin stars.

Building facilities: gym, basketball court, yoga room, game room, etc.

Mercedes House

About $1900-2700 per person for co-living, about $3300 per person for studio

Another Fordham/NYIT student must have one of the school district housing, ten minutes walk to the school and C/E subway line. International students need to purchase insurance

risk. The building is close to the hudson river, and it is very pleasant to go out for a walk at night.

The internal facilities are very good, there are indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a large gym, two terraces for play, boxing room, sauna, basketball

Markets, convenience stores, etc., allow you to enjoy various entertainment activities without leaving home.

The exterior of the building is all-glass, and each household has an indoor washer/dryer, giving the entire building a modern feel .

555 Ten

Co-resident per capita is about $2200-3100, studio per capita is about $3800

The interior of the apartment is all high-grade building materials, the lobby is decorated in retro style, and there is a 24-hour doorman.

Located on 41st Street, Tenth Avenue, 7 minutes walk to port authority, A/C/E line is convenient for travel; there are banks/Chinese restaurants/small supermarkets/ cinemas/theaters around.

Building facilities include: 24-hour gym, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, pet spa, game room, bowling room, rest area, etc.

Ktown mansion Hollingsworth

Co-resident per capita is about $2200-3300, studio per capita is about $4000

Hollingsworth is conveniently located in Manhattan’s K-Town, just a 5-minute walk from the 34th and 42nd Street subway stations

Amenities: Gym, Lounge, Game Room, Roof Terrace, Bike Storage, etc.

The surrounding transportation is convenient, with 14 subway lines, 24 minutes away from Columbia

Surroundings: banks/restaurants/bars/small supermarkets/cinemas/theatres, etc.

LIC Long Island City

There are also some Columbia students who choose the LIC area. LIC is the most popular area for students in New York in recent years . The environment is beautiful, the public security is good, the geographical location is excellent, the transportation is convenient, and the rent is slightly cheaper than Manhattan, which is very suitable for international students to live.

It takes about 35-40 minutes to get to my brother, and you can enter the subway when you go out, which has become a hot area in New York in the past two years .

Old Archway Hayden & Linc

Living room $1700-$1900 budget

Second bedroom $1900-2100 budget

Master bedroom $2100-2300 budget

Studio: $3100-3300 for 1-2 people

1b1b: $3800-4200 for 2 people

2b2b: $5200-5500 for 3 people

Payment method: Students need to buy a guarantee and pay monthly rent to the building

The building was newly built in 2017, and it takes 3 minutes to reach 7 surrounding subways
One stop to Manhattan
Building has full basketball court, rooftop and gym
All luxury amenities such as the Pet spa are free

The Building King, Jackson Park

Living room $1850-$1900 budget

Second bedroom $1900-2100 budget

Master bedroom $2100-2300 budget

Studio: $3150-3300 for 1-2 people

1b1b: $3800-4200 for 2 people

2b2b: $5300-5600 for 3 people

Payment method: Students need to buy a guarantee and pay monthly rent to the building

Long island city, known as the King of Buildings, is the real estate with the best facilities in this area. The building was completed in 2018 and consists of three phases of buildings.

1,800 households live here and have super facilities in the legendary universe.

Five floors of separate facility buildings: The first floor is: Lounge, Lounge, and Mini Golf. Second floor: Gym (every day

There are 3-4 free lessons) The third floor: indoor swimming pool, sauna room The fourth floor is: basketball court, the fifth floor is: outdoor swimming pool, small temperature


Free amenities: dog park, children’s park, BBQ area, and rooftop lounge.

There are supermarkets, restaurants, coffee shops, pizza shops, nail salons, pet beauty shops and so on downstairs. Opposite the house is a commercial real estate, with

food court.

The EMR car is just downstairs in front of the house, which is very convenient. It takes 3 minutes to arrive at NW7, and about 5 minutes to reach the G car that can go straight to Brooklyn.

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