This is the best-selling luxury condo in Manhattan!? Madison House

Madison is well into 2021 and Covid-19 is a little under control. However, in 2020, the epidemic has caused an irreversible impact on the major economic aspects of New York, but this cannot stop the enthusiasm of New Yorkers to buy a house.

Let’s take a look at Madison House, the darling of the pandemic, the best-selling project in Manhattan in 2020. Will it also win your heart this year: the unrepeatable central location, the prime location in the Nomad district, the superior geographical conditions.

Madison House is located in the prime location of the Nomad district, and the Nomad district is the center of the universe in Manhattan –“the middle of where Manhattan matters”, surrounded by iconic coordinates such as Times Square, Empire State Building, Madison Square, Macy’s, etc., 3 minutes walk to shopping paradise Fifth Avenue, 7 minutes walk to Morgan Library and Museum, 10 minutes walk Minutes to Broadway.

In addition, there are as many as 8 subway lines within a 5-minute walk of the building. In addition to 4/5/6/N/Q/R/W 7 subway lines to take you to any corner of Manhattan, there are also Path Direct to New Jersey.

Nomad is a city with endless treasures. Madison House even intimately released the Nomad Guide on its official website, so that everyone can explore restaurants, bars, shopping paradise and landmark buildings to immerse themselves in culture and enjoy life.

With convenient transportation and the center of the universe, it is not difficult to understand why Madison House was officially rated as an “unreproducible central location”.


Madison House, is a work of art jointly created by Handle Architects and interior designer Gachot. Handle’s well-known projects in the past include not only luxury residential buildings such as The Summit, but also the 9/11 Memorial. Under the design of Handle, the Madison House, standing above the central hinterland of Manhattan, takes its corner features as its starting point and is located 150 feet above the residential floor of the building. Each house has a unique perspective overlooking the entire Manhattan.

Gachot is a favorite interior designer of many international hotels, and he incorporates his hotel design experience into it. Unlike other condos, the overall design of Madison House is spacious, bright, and agile, allowing residents to relax both physically and mentally in the busy Manhattan.

Building Appearance:

The overall Madison House stands in the Nomad district, and its exterior is covered with tempered glass and white panels, which, when illuminated by the sun, point to the sky like a beam of light, marking the skyline. Handle Architects used a Gothic church as inspiration, with white textured panels and a wing-like design that directs the eye to the sky.

Madison House 150 feet above the floor is the residential residence. The designer features corners to maximize the view and lighting of the residence. It is one of the few designs in Manhattan. Madison House was also awarded the Building of the Year in 2019.

Entrance hall:

The indoor green plants surround the two floor-to-ceiling glass curtain walls, which separate the entrance elevator and the rest area. The landscape reflects a touch of green in the icy metal, while also covering the lounge area to provide privacy, and the glass canopy brings in daylight, visually connecting to the tower.

The Building Amenities:

Gachot Studio’s interior design makes Madison House look more than just a condo. 30,000 square feet of luxury facilities, the building design can be compared to five-star hotel clubs.

The indoor swimming pool is a 75-foot heated swimming pool with a hot spring spa, cold bath, and sauna.

Fitness center is equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows, which is full of sunlight and can easily start a good mood for the day. It overlooks the streets of Manhattan at a height of 120 feet. The gym has the latest fitness equipment and a golf simulator.

Activity room

The double-height design of the activity room can be reserved in advance as a party venue. 14-seat dining room with standard kitchen.

Open Garden

    The 2,800-square-foot open-air garden is also a respite from the busy Midtown Manhattan.


11-footand-ceiling windows make the room appear larger and more spacious. corner living room makes the room not only have a single light source, but the two-way sunlight makes the room no longer light from east and west.

Madison House adopts Boch’s high-end line Gaggenau custom cabinets and appliances, and uses Calacatta Borghini marble slate imported from Italy as the marble countertops in the kitchen. Advanced is also defined.

The master bedroom’s bathroom has a rare window design, and you can enjoy the view from the unique angle of Madison House when bathing in the bathroom. Large areas of the bathroom are made of Bianco Dolomiti marble slabs imported from Turkey and marble slabs from Calacatta Borghini imported from Italy, adding more natural beauty to the bathroom.


Madison House won the 2019 Building of the Year and the 2020 Best-Selling Manhattan Project with its unique architectural design, the unrepeatable central Manhattan location.

With such a top-notch design, condos in the prime segment will only become less and less with the gradual development of Manhattan real estate. Friends who are interested in Madison House are welcome to make inquiries and consultations.